Cardano’s CEO Seems To Be Mending Forces With The Creator Of Ethereum

It has often been said that time heals all wounds, and that statement may be applicable to the rift that had been generated between Ethereum (ETH) and its former co-founder and current leader of the Cardano (ADA) project and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson. Ethereum’s current co-founder and leader, Vitalik Buterin, had recently sung Cardano’s praises and stated that the project definitely has a few ‘interesting ideas.’

Hoskinson, on the other hand, also seems to have little to no issue with Buterin himself, as a lot has changed in the cryptocurrency industry since Charles had initially left Ethereum behind. He, therefore, praised Buterin for being quite confident and mature for his age before adding that he believes both he and the Ethereum co-founder have certainly grown a lot and managed to become better and more mature versions of themselves recently.

Buterin praises Cardano

Lex Friedman’s podcast had been the place where Vitalik had praised Cardano. Buterin had acknowledged Cardano back in May of 2020. However, he did so in an ironic way. Now though, he had spoken about Cardano on a much deeper level, analyzing most of its various factors and continued progress before saying that the project definitely has a few ideas that are interesting and perhaps worth pursuing.

The Ethereum co-founder admitted that while Cardano may have potential, its way of doing things is a tad different than that of Ethereum. One of the most significant differences that Buterin pointed out was that while he would normally be alright when it came to heuristic arguments, Cardano’s team likes to have academic proofs for just about everything. He also praised IOHK for managing to come up with interesting developments for the project.

He did, however, state that having deeper academic rigor might be a bit unnecessary and ‘overrated,’ as many failures may occur outside of the model.

Whatever one may think of Charles Hoskinson, it would be difficult to deny the success that his Cardano project has had. As of right now, ADA is trading at $1.65, which is a 7.6% decrease since yesterday, and the cryptocurrency had even managed to temporarily become the 4th highest ranked crypto in terms of market cap, with only USDT (Tether), Ethereum, and Bitcoin being ranked higher.

It had been in March when Hoskinson had insulted Ethereum by calling it a ‘dumpster fire’ following the escalation of tensions due to mounting differences between him and the various co-founders. Since then, he has stated that Buterin should be praised for the work he is doing, although he did point out that Cardano’s way of handling things might comparatively be a bit more responsible and mature.