CCIX Global Invests In B21C Limited To Boost Its Mass Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies

A new investment scheme targetted at cryptocurrency firm, digital asset investment company, B21C, confirms that it is the beneficiary of a new fund investment from the global investment firm, CCIX Global. In the official press release, the financing will come in the form of tokens and equity.

The acquisition will also see both firms integrate with their management as the founder of CCIX Global, Vishal Uttam, will join the B21 board to carry out roles pertaining to strategy and investor relations to maximize the returns of the investment in B21C.

Vishal’s experience with startups will be a plus to B21C

Vishal, a serial techpreneur and investor who advocates innovation and entrepreneurship as catalysts for elevating the human experience and pushing its potential boundaries, is being touted by Nitin Agarwal, B21C’s Founder, as the next best thing to happen to the startup.

In Agarwal’s statement to the press, he believes that with Visha’s experience at CCIX Global and with other startups in the fintech startups, this will help to drive B21Cs position as a market leader, and it further represents the next step in fulfilling the firm’s mission to bring digital asset investing to the mainstream.

B21C may create more investment tools for Users

The investment might propel B21C to create more investment opportunities after the firm launched B21 Invest, an investing app earlier this year. The B21C Invest app is a fully regulated and custodial app that ensures that users’ funds are well secured with private key management.

The app also allows users to easily trade, manage, buy, and sell their digital assets through the user-friendly mobile app, while also providing Bespoke investment for its global mass market. The company’s mission objective is to provide a smooth experience for all its customers and investors by ensuring users have easy access to different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, and other digital assets. With the new funding in place, the cryptocurrency company’s customers are set to see more investment opportunities tailored for them.

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