Charles Hoskinson Shares his Thoughts on the U.S Government’s Decision to Ban Bitcoin and Cardano

In a private session conducted in Colorado, the internet online Hong Kong’s CEO Charles Hoskinson shared his thoughts about the U.S government’s certain talk in support of banning Bitcoin and Cardano. Charles Hoskinson, who is also a great mathematician, shipped in his two cents against such odds by saying, “That ship has already sailed.” It does only mean one thing, which is there is nothing that can be done now to ban Bitcoin in the U.S because already a decisive committee has overviewed this matter, and Bitcoin, along with various other cryptocurrencies, is here to stay in the U.S. Apart from that the talk revolved around potential countries such as India where there are talks about banning cryptocurrency altogether. 

Cardano is still not a Massively Accepted Fact, Says Hoskinson

Among these talks, which the IOHK boss had, there were talks about cryptocurrency and off-the-beat crypto networks that sustain the blockchain network and make these transactions possible. There were also talks about Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, a friend of Hoskinsons’. According to Hoskinson, he didn’t have any talk with Mike related to Cardano, and he (Hoskinson) says that he is going to have one shortly over the telephone, maybe. But it is highly unlikely that Mike will chip in for Cardano or join its internal cryptocurrency known as “ADA” just yet.       

The crypto community should not get their hopes really high about Mike jumping onto the Cardano train as it can take some time convincing the man that the project indeed is real and worth the attention of like-minded crypto enthusiasts. These are only just talking at the moment and don’t reflect any final revelation of any sorts at all. On a funny note, Hoskinson assumed the reluctance of Novogratz joining or working with Cardano as a scam and therefore trying restlessly to avoid this bullet all this time. Hoskinson further added, and once again on a funny note, that maybe Mike believes that Hoskinson was a liar and therefore Cardano is not worth his attention. 

As Hoskinson proposed, there will be talks, and he will try his best to convince Novogratz about the authenticity of the project, and who knows, all of them might end up on the same note regarding the matter hand.