CLVA, the decentralized finance protocol CLEVER DeFi’s native token, has been experiencing a huge price surge since the past week. The main factor behind the success of CLVA is the fact that it has been listed on a very popular DeFi exchange platform, namely Uniswap.

The Uniswap Listing of CLVA

Uniswap listed the CLVA token on its platform on 17th March 2021 with an introductory trading pair of CLVA/ETH. The liquidity provider and investors alike are rushing to include CLVA in their portfolios and have thronged in order to provide liquidity.

The listing price of this pair was presented as 0.0020 ETH initially. However, since then, the CLVA token’s price has more than doubled and attained a huge value of 0.0044 ETH on the very same day. Uniswap has proven to be a significant force behind the growth of CLVA token, a major beneficiary.

Another big reason for the price hike in CLVA token is the number of various features that are offered to the token holders and liquidity providers by CLVA. CLVA uses a very complex framework based on a blockchain network that is Ethereum backed. This framework makes yield farming very accessible and easy for liquidity providers.

Core Features of CLVA

CLVA uses a smart contract system in order to provide compounded interest payments to liquidity providers and token holders. The interest is paid regularly after an interval of 14 days which makes it a great and valuable investment for the investors and other prospects.

A great feature of CLVA is that the investors are not needed to stake or lock their tokens if they want to receive the interest payments, and they can also easily withdraw or trade CLVA tokens with other crypto assets without any waiting period or penalties.

The duration of interest payments is around 888 cycles which means that it is going to end after a time period of 34.15 years. By the time this token mature, the investors would have made a lot of profits from their investments, and the token would be very well established.

The listing of CLVA on Uniswap has put it on the track of becoming a top decentralized finance yield platform.