Coenx – The Ultimate Hybrid Crypto Platform for Crypto Users and Advertisers

Coenx is a one-of-a-kind hybrid crypto platform designed for crypto users, traders and advertisers who want to promote their business ventures instantly and effectively. It’s also recognized as the best place for crypto rewards. The platform has its own Coenx tokens with the total supply of 96M. 

Coenx – The Ultimate Hybrid Crypto Platform for Crypto Users and Advertisers

As a user you can click ten fixed ads and generate Coenx tokens, which can also be used to trade for USDT and BTC in the internal exchange. Users can also buy POV Credits to generate more Coenx tokens than regular ten fixed ads. POV Credits can be purchased using USDT or Coenx. If you’re an advertiser, you can make the most of this platform to advertise your services or products to a real audience. 

The platform also attracts crypto traders, as they can trade their top digital currency at the lowest fee. In short, it benefits everyone involved. If you or any of your colleagues is looking for ways to earn extra money, consider giving Coenx a shot. 

Here’s what the Coenx team says about its platform and services:

‘’Coenx is a new form of digital advertising company in the crypto as well as online space. It gives the power back to the user, making the world a better place by developing a reward system that works for an average user to generate crypto with least effort. With our unique reward based cryptosystem which is called Proof of View, users spend their time viewing ads for the coenx token, which is been rewarded in a systematic way to the users. This eliminates the third parties services that act as a bridge between advertiser and user with a hefty fee.’’

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