Coinbase Enables Users To Convert Their Paychecks To Crypto

The crypto industry continues to make significant strides into the future while developing its technology and making it accessible to all. The word of modern finance is only brighter and more efficient than what we are leaving behind, all thanks to the concept of decentralization. Many exchanges continue to develop new technologies, test them and make them available for people, but Coinbase is doing some next-level research and technology launches.

The crypto exchange has recently approved and launched the direct deposit feature, which allows people to convert their paychecks into cryptocurrency. The very thing which fueled this inspirational innovation was the feedback of the people; as they said, it is pretty time-consuming and not so very convenient to make consistent transfers, and if they just could have their whole paycheck converted into crypto, that would be more like it.

Coinbase Launches Direct Deposit Feature

On another note, Coinbase has also announced its new debit card, which will be shipped later this year, allowing people to have 4% crypto rewards back on dedicated purchases. There is no definitive percentage for the users as they can deposit any percentage into their Coinbase accounts and will be able to receive crypto on it. The current rollout scheme which the crypto exchange is following takes the United States into account, and if this rollout is successful, then it would soon become global. There are also no specific criteria of selection when it comes to the choice of cryptocurrencies the users want to be paid in.

They can choose Bitcoin, XRP, or Ether for that matter, or if none of these, then they will be provided with what they ask for. This feature also allows them to earn a decent amount of interest on their paycheck as the percentage can be easily withdrawn in the form of U.S. dollars. The whole concept of trading has become more convenient for the users as they don’t have to transfer funds into their Coinbase accounts from their personal bank accounts, another crypto wallet, or some other destination. They can just do that with their own paycheck using the direct deposit feature.