Coinbase Sends New S-1 Filing To Bitcoin Founder

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The cryptocurrency space’s growth has been the fuel to many affiliated crypto service firms and exchanges around the Blockchain space. The demand for many crypto firms and exchanges to develop innovative products has also been high, as the influx of investors into space is on a high.

Many exchanges like Coinbase, one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges in the space, are now on the verge of going public to cope with the boom of the market and expand their service offering. However, in a recent report, the U.S-based exchanges have now reportedly sent Satoshi Nakamoto a copy of the filling in a bid to be transparent with their quest to go public.

Satoshi was sent the filing via his Bitcoin address

Coinbase is one of the first crypto exchanges globally, which began operation barely two years after the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The exchange is now sent to go public, and as a requirement, will need to send copies of their S-1 filing to the parties involved. The idea behind the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is still yet unknown, as the person cannot be either identified as a male or female or even a group.

However, Coinbase has now confirmed that they have sent their S-1 filling, a required document that allows companies to list their stock on the stock market, to its legal team and the Bitcoin creator. Surprisingly, Coinbase was able to identify Satoshi via a Bitcoin address, as no one possesses any other private information like the address or email of the Bitcoin creator. Many, as the Bitcoin creator was not seen after his last post on his blog ten years ago, the anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto has been questioned by many. The Bitcoin creator has used the blog to educate many on Bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency.

Many are claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto

The unknown identity of the most valuable cryptocurrency creator in the Blockchain space has raised so many cryptocurrency debates. A few others believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is a man with immense technology ideas; others feel that the creator wants to showcase her superpowers in private. A few others argued that Satoshi Nakamoto is a group that created the Bitcoin project. Surprisingly, many people have come out before now to claim that they were Satoshi Nakamoto, as the project became a successful one.

However, Craig Wright, an Australian computer technologist, is one of the few whose claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto is almost believable. However, Wright’s claim has been dismissed by many courts in the past, despite his claims being almost believable with many documents to show. The court believed that the computer scientist document and proof are plagiarized documents, which do not possess authenticity. However, the identity of the creator of the largest cryptocurrency by market cap continues to be hidden, as many are still curious to know.