CoiniBank Review – A Safe Broker to Sharpen Your Skills as a Trader

CoiniBank Review has never been easy. Despite what most gurus will tell you online, it can take quite some time before you are good at trading. Not only will you have to learn a lot, but you will also learn a lot of things through trial and error. However, you don’t want to lose a large part of your initial deposit “learning.”

As a new trader you want a safe space where you can trade without risking substantial amounts of money. Moreover, you want a broker that offers you the security that you want, and keeps your information safe. And one broker that offers you that safe space to learn and grow is CoiniBank.

CoiniBank Security

Security is the one thing that traders of all skill levels unanimously worry about when starting to trade with a new broker. it is very natural for a trader to worry about their account’s security, especially since what is at stake. Both a trader’s personal information and their funds are at risk when they sign up to a broker.

And if the broker fails to protect their information, all the traders can lose all of their valuable data in one attack. Therefore, brokers will have to greatly improve their security. CoiniBank offers a secure platform to its traders for a better experience.

They have implemented the KYC and AML policies, which help keep out any suspicious traders from the site. These policies specifically help in keeping out scammers and other malicious users, therefore keeping other traders on the site safe.

Their website also encrypts all of your data, keeping it safe from hackers. They also create a safe passage way between your device and their website so that hackers cannot steal your information while it is transit.

Various Accounts to Choose From

CoiniBank AccountsBrokers have a lot of clients to deal with. On average, they are at least dealing with 200 or 300 traders, and that is on the lower end. Responding to these traders and their needs aloe can be quite daunting. But as more traders join the fray, they have had to diversify greatly.

Therefore, to better cater to their wide range of clients, broker have begun to offer their clients different accounts. Each account serves a different purpose and offers a unique experience to its traders.

There are a total of six account types to choose from. The basic account is best for people that are just starting out trading and are still experimenting. This account type offers the education center and a junior account manager.

The next accounts are standard and silver, which are more for intermediate traders. Both of them offer much of the same, with trading alerts and live webinars being the main difference. The silver account will also give you access to a senior account manager.

The gold account better suits advanced traders who understand a lot about the market, but don’t have the experience that makes them veterans. They get access to trading sessions with expert analysts as well as no withdrawal fees.

Finally the last accounts are the platinum and VIP accounts. These accounts offer the most perks to their users and are accounts specifically for veteran traders.

A Collection of Assets

CoiniBank AssetsA common saying among veteran traders that I have heard is: “assets are why traders go to a broker in the first place.” These words could not better explain how important a broker’s list of assets is to their business. If they do not have the right assets, then traders will not choose that broker. Therefore, brokers will need a good collection of assets.

CoiniBank is a broker that has an impressive collection of assets to choose from. They offer their traders with a decent selection of forex trading options. They also offer bonds and stocks of some of the biggest companies that you can find.

If forex, stocks, and bonds are not your speed, then you can also check out their commodities and indices. You can also find a complete collection of the assets that they offer on their website and choose what interests you more.

Veteran trader will be able to take advantage of the various assets in order to diversify their portfolio. Conversely, beginner and intermediate traders can also take advantage of these various assets in order to improve their knowledge.

A Powerful Trading Platform on the Go

CoiniBank Trading PlatformI mentioned a saying in the previous section about how people come for the assets. Well the saying continues, “but they stay for the platform and its features.” While a broker’s list of assets is surely what will bring in the traders, their trading platform and features is what will make them stay.

Since most traders now use very optimized applications, unoptimized applications can stand out like a sore thumb. Even when the features that a broker is offering their traders are very good, people will not stay if the user experience is bad. However, it is very hard to come by poorly optimized applications today.

CoiniBank has a very good platform that allows traders to trade however they want. If you want to dedicate a certain part of your day to trade, you can do that. If you want to trade on the go during snippets of when you are travelling, you can do that as well. Their trading platform ensures that you can trade at your most comfortable.

Making It Big With Trading

Making trading your full time career is very much possible. You don’t need to have brain the size of the moon, you just need to be smart about where you invest your money. And one way that you can improve how you trade is by learning and understanding the art of the trade.

Everyone wants to rush to the part where they can make a million dollars, rather than patiently learn how to become a better trader. Because the truth is that you can improve your chances of making it big if you try to improve as a trader as well.