CoinMarketCap To Promote Sandbox’s First Crypto-Based Public LAND Sale

It is an exciting time for cryptocurrency users as the Ethereum blockchain-driven online game, SANDBOX, is set to commence its first public sale for in-game plots of the terrain, which is also known as LAND. The selling exercise will begin on the 11th of February 2021, involving several sold-out pre-sale gifts.

Sandbox’s public sale is expected to witness the release of 1200 individual plots of LAND premium, each of them is priced at $435 as of the time of this publication. Meanwhile, purchasing larger Estate or multi-LAND requires special auctions. The highest bidder on the OpenSea marketplace will be offered Seven medium (6×6) and two large (12×12) Estates.

Sandbox is counting on the crypto firm for a successful outing

Crypto tracking and market analysis site CoinMarketCap is charged with promoting the upcoming public LAND sale. The firm has so far played a significant role in ensuring that many cryptocurrency traders know the forthcoming LAND sale.

The LAND premium parcel consists of two CoinMarketCap-inspired hero character non-fungible tokens (NFTs), meaning six heroes are available for promotion. Buyers who buy many plots and obtain five obtain “Epic” rarity heroes before the end of the sales stand better chances of attaining CoinMarketCap’s “Legendary” status.

Following a successful partnership with the crypto-based website during its “Learn & Earn” campaign, The Sandbox has much trust in CoinMarketCap’s ability to make the Ethereum-based online game one of the most successful campaigns in the world. “Learn and Earn” was a program launched by Sandbox to educate users on playing the game.

It also provides crypto investors the chance to earn digital assets as they are awarded a certain amount of digital coins for learning about various sandbox games. Should there be a significant number of LAND buyers and gamers, the Sandbox would engage in more deals with crypto companies due to its desire to become an integral part of the fast-growing crypto sphere.

What the NFT hero game is all about

Speaking to reporters ahead of the commencement of the public LAND sale, COO & co-founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, revealed the reason behind the company’s decision to reignite its long-term relationship with CoinMarketCap before the launch of the game.

He said the crypto-based website had already proven that it possesses all it takes to make the game a success, and they are looking forward to a successful outing. In his press release, the Sandbox’s executive disclosed that players could use the highly-rated CMC NFT Hero characters to establish their unique stories and adventures.

Players are expected to explore the game terrain with their newly-customized characters, while LAND owners are eligible to create and monetize interactive playing experiences through their purchased space. The PC game also consists of Voxel graphics, which is similar to the one portrayed by Minecraft.

The crypto world’s gaming sector is gaining more attention from the public; hence, Borget will hope the new game becomes one of the most popular blockchain-driven games alongside 0xUniverse, EOS Knight, Neon District, Mythereum, and Spells of Genesis.