Coinrapid to Launch 1st All-in-one Cryptocurrency Platform Globally


Cryptocurrency  industry is still too small and there a lots of opportunities around the world for start up to grow and become biggest and trusted brands in the marketplace. There are a few good companies who offer individual services but hardly any who offer all in one solution for global market.

With your help Coinrapid will build a world class platform which will offer All in One Solution under one roof including but not limited to; Crypto Exchange ,Payment Gateway and Debit Card.

CoinRapid, a company based in the UK is gearing up for its launch globally. The company will be the first of its kind one-stop shop for crypto traders and enthusiasts.

Todays cryptocurrency industry is facing few major problems including but not limited to poor infrastructure, security, technical abilities, customer support, global reach, innovation and forward thinking leadership.

Coinrapid aims to address these problems with their skills, abilities, infrastructure and customer oriented processes and become one of the best players in the industry.

Coinrapid will be offering following services;


Coinrapid Wallets & Exchange:

You can Buy & Sell Store, Send, Receive and Spend BTC using our platform with confidence.  BCH, ETH and LTC will be added very soon with many more coins to come in the future. We are aiming to list top 20 coins within next 3 months. You will also be able to buy BTC using your credit or debit card made possible by our partnership with Simplex.

Instant Buy, sell, deposits and withdrawals and free coins transfers between Coinrapid users are some of the key features of our platform.

CoinRapid for Merchants (Payment Gateway)

Merchants will be able to accept BTC and other Cryptocurrency using our payment gateway. Low transaction fees, no charge back, instant conversions to avoid volatility and immediate settlements will be highlights of our payment gateway. Easy Integration will be made available for different platforms through plugins.

Debit Card:

Coinrapid will launch a Debit card through one of our partners who is already providing services to one of the biggest player of the market. You will be able to exchange your crypto to £, € or $ and spend it anywhere using our debit card. There will be an option to chose from more than 20 fiat currencies and you will also get a free local bank account included.

Dedicated Customer Support:

Customer support will be the best in the market with immediate responses and resolutions to your queries and problems. KYC’s requests will be processed immediately. Deposits and Withdrawals for both Crypto and Fiat will be instant. Coinrapid aims to set high industry standards and be a role model for the rest.

You can use CoinRapid Platform if you are?

  • A Cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast
  • Looking to invest in cryptocurrency
  • Take security of you digital assets seriously
  • Customer support is very important to you
  • A Businesses  and want to benefit from sending and receiving payment both locally and globally in Bitcoins.
  • Looking to have all your crypto solutions and products under one roof.

Future Plans:

  • Launch an ICO Launchpad and Coin listing service. All in one solutions for ICO launch from development to marketing and fund raising. Coinrapid Users will get exclusive deals.
  • Launch Bitcoin ATMs around the world.
  • Crypto asset management fund for Institutions and accredited investors.
  • Strategic partnership development with top e-commerce platforms to start accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Get your free account at now or download the android app Coinrapid. (iOS coming soon)

CoinRapid is a project of Rapid Technologies International Limited, Belize. Coinrapid Limited UK is looking after Development, Marketing and Support of .