Cosmos And Solana Experience Strong Gains While Cosmos Hits Highest Point Since May

Cosmos (ATOM)

A look at the data for Cosmos (ATOM) shows that on Thursday, it was trading at a higher level. The price chart shows that on a particular day, the trading price of ATOM went on to hit its highest point since May 2022.

The rally ATOM has recorded since the month of May has been quite phenomenal and it has led the digital asset to hit the current high mark.

Thursday Trading Data

As the trading day began on Thursday, the trading price of ATOM was at a low of $11.72. However, as the hours passed, the trading value of ATOM continued experiencing a rise.

The midday trading session showed that the value of ATOM had risen to $12.27.

ATOM’s Value Back in May

This is for the first time since May that ATOM has managed to hit and cross the $12 benchmark to reach up to $12.27.

Back on May 23, the trading price of ATOM was $12.30. However, this was the only high ATOM had achieved and its value continued dropping from that point.

Since then, the trading price of ATOM only struggled to come close to the $12.30

Rally Started Building on Wednesday

Things were going as normal for ATOM on Wednesday. However, by the end of Wednesday’s trading session, the trading value of ATOM started to experience a strong rally.

The buildup began towards the end of the Wednesday trading as the price of ATOM had started rebounding from the $11.15 mark.

At that time, the $11.15 level was the support point for ATOM but the bulls were able to achieve the mark with ease with stronger buying sentiments.

RSI was pushed above the Midline

The recent rally has done its magic as it has managed to push the RSI for ATOM above the midline. It is currently sitting at 63.

For the record, the RSI for ATOM was over the midline since July but it had not managed to cross the score of 60.

As the RSI for ATOM is now over the midline and is close to hitting a score of 65, it is an indication of a strong bullish trend ahead.

Solana (SOL)

Solana has also experienced a strong push as its value has surged over 10% in the past 24 hours. At the time of writing, the trading value of SOL has hit a high of $45 while its value was just $39.99 prior to the rally.

RSI is Bullish

The RSI for SOL is also hovering closer to 60 and if it hits 60 and the score rises, then SOL’s price may be up for another strong bullish run.