Crypto ATM Advertisement for Coin Cloud Directed By Oscar-Winning Director, Spike Lee

Spike Lee, the famous director, who has also won the Oscars, has joined Coin Cloud’s campaign for promoting Coin Cloud-produced ATMs through a short TV commercial. The Oscar-winning director claims that digital currency is for all irrespective of caste and creed and particularly for those who have been ignored in the centuries-old financial structure.

Coin Cloud is a manufacturer of ATMs powered by crypto, especially Bitcoin. Since the company started producing crypto ATMs, it has successfully installed around 2-thousand machines throughout the world. In the field of crypto ATMs, Coin Cloud is regarded as the pioneer whose machines are unmatched by any other machines.

It has been reported that a crypto campaign involving millions of dollars has been taken up by Coin Cloud. For the advertisement of the campaign, the company had decided to promote the objective through a short TV commercial. For this purpose, the company has obtained the services of a veteran director namely Spike Lee. Lee has been given the task to direct the commercial keeping in view the objective of Coin Cloud.

On the other hand, Spike Lee is one of America’s biggest names in the field of directing. He enjoys a successful career of starring world-famous celebrities in films and has won several awards nationally and internationally. He is also the winner of an Oscar which was given to him as being the Best Director.

When the task was given to Lee, it was an entirely new thing for him, however, he pulled out the task successfully. Lee professionally showcased the campaign of Coin Cloud titled “The Currency of Currency” in a short film. Coin Cloud commented that the days for old money are over and the old money has been overtaken by digital money. Lee also commented that for far too long people have been excluded from old financial structures because of their color, cast,e, and creed. However, the change has come in the form of digital currencies. They have become a “currency” for all which are not even subservient to any financial system except for their own.

At present, the ATMs manufactured by Coin Cloud are capable of allowing users to conveniently sell and purchase cryptocurrencies. Initially, the ATMs were powered by Bitcoin only but, with the passage of time, other digital assets too were included in ATMs. Currently, a user has the option to sell and purchase almost 30 different digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. These machines accept both, debit as well as credit cards, for the purchase or selling of any cryptocurrency.

So far there are around 2,000 machines active in two locations. The majority of machines are installed in various areas of the US while a very small amount of machines are installed in Brazil as well.