Crypto Billionaires Made It To Forbes List Of 35 Wealthiest Individuals Thanks To Bitcoin

It has been seen as an honor and privilege for a businessman of being listed amongst some of the wealthiest persons of the world.

Similarly, at the end of each year, Forbes publishes a list of 35 individuals who have become billionaires. Some of the notable fresh billionaires making their way into the list are the founders of Ripple namely Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen.

The Forbes’ List is called the Annual World’s Billionaires List and this was the 35th Edition of the List.

It was revealed by Forbes that there is a massive horizon in the number of billionaires this year which is way beyond the past year. Last year Forbes noted that there were only 660 new billionaires. However, in the year 2020, the number has exceeded 2000 and in fact there are 2,755 billionaires who are all new. All these 2,755 billionaires are holding more than US$ 13.1 Trillion. Last year the net worth of 660 billionaires was just under US$ 8 Trillion only.

Forbes also categorized billionaires into several categories but one prominent category was of crypto billionaires. The Crypto billionaire category was thereby sub-divided into three different categories namely issuers, investors, and builders.

Amongst the investors, Winklevoss Twins (namely Cameron and Tyler) were enlisted as the fresh billionaires. After them was Michael Saylor who is the Chief Executive Officer at globally renowned BI company, Microstrategy. Because Microstrategy has been continuously investing funds into Bitcoin, the company is also ranked amongst the top business houses in the world as well.

According to Forbes, the Twins are one of those few people who started to inject money in cryptocurrencies quite earlier. Even when there was no crypto rally, they were continuously investing in Bitcoin and other digital assets. Similar is the case with Microstrategy’s CEO, who too have been investing in crypto for far too long. Before the crypto rally took a booming start in 2020, Saylor was already holding the net worth of US$ 2.3 Billion.

The richest of them all crypto billionaires was named Sam Bankman-Fried whose net worth exceeded US$ 8.7 Billion. Fried was also recently enlisted as the 274th richest man in the whole world. The businesses which elevated him amongst the billionaires was FTX exchange and Alameda Research. Both of them have been founded by Fried himself.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong is ranked in the second place in Forbes’ List. His firm is also the number 1 crypto trading platform of the world and massive crypto trades have taken place through Coinbase. For instance, Microstrategy carried out its serious of Bitcoin acquisitions through Coinbase.

Amongst the issuer of crypto coins, Ripple’s founders also made their entries into the Forbes’ List. McCaleb and Larsen both share US$ 5.4 Billion of total net worth.