Crypto.Com Adds Google Pay Payment Option

A new feature has recently been introduced by a prominent crypto trading platform named The company’s goal is to facilitate its users in buying cryptocurrencies and in order to accomplish this goal, it has added support for new payment options. Those with accounts on the platform will now be able to use their Android mobile devices and tablets to buy cryptocurrencies and pay via the Google Pay option. The purpose is to make it easy and convenient for people to make their crypto purchases.

In-app Google Pay purchases

Based in North America, the leading crypto exchange has recently incorporated in-app support for the Google Pay purchase feature. As long as users have already linked their debit or credit cards to their Google Pay account, they will have no trouble in using this option for making payments.

This will enable them to use the Google Pay option for buying more than 250 cryptocurrencies that are available on the platform. Back in May, the platform had also expanded the Pay option to Shopify merchants, which had allowed its customers to use more than 20 digital assets for buying products.

How Google Pay works

If you want to use the Google Pay option on the platform, you will have to use the ‘Trade’ icon that you will find listed on the homepage of the app. The next step is to choose the ‘Buy’ icon you will find and select the crypto that you wish to use.

The ‘Cash’ icon is where the ‘Google Pay’ feature will be listed and you can click ‘Buy’ to get things going. Then you have to accept the processing fee that will be applicable on the card by selecting the checkbox. Finally, you have to choose ‘Continue’ and then ‘Confirm’.

Once the purchase is complete, your wallet will reflect the change in balance. You can also check the transaction history in the app. You will also discover that also offers a Visa card that gives you the option of getting cash back in the form of Cronos (CRO). This is the native token that the exchange had developed and it has not been performing so well this year. In May, it reported a price drop of 15%.

However, this does not come as a surprise, as most cryptocurrencies have shed a significant amount of their value this year.

Google Pay’s popularity

The popularity of the Google Pay payment method in the crypto space has been growing recently because it makes it easy and convenient to buy cryptocurrencies. Last year in October, Google entered into a partnership with a digital asset marketplace called Bakkt. Google Pay had then added support for the Bakkt Visa Card.

Thanks to this partnership, anyone holding the card can use Google Pay for using crypto to buy assets at any merchant shop where Visa cards are accepted. This move also gives customers the ability to have access to digital assets in a secure and reliable manner via an innovative platform.