Facilitates Polish Customers By Launching Its Polish Version of Exchange Plus Mobile App Facilitates Polish Customers By Launching Its Polish Version of Exchange Plus Mobile App, which is a crypto exchange platform hailing from Hong Kong, had recently launched its newest version of mobile app. The mobile app was launched to facilitate its customers from Turkey and therefore the application was introduced in Turkish. The initiative was later on applauded by many of its Turkish customers who found the app very useful and user-friendly now.

However, while the Turkish version of the app was being appreciated, had launched another version of its mobile app. But this time the mobile app had been launched specifically for facilitating its Polish customers. This meant that the new version of its mobile application is now available in Polish language as well.

Earlier the exchange had integrated various other languages on its website and mobile app. For example, mobile app versions in French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Korean are already in place. By induction of Turkish and Polish versions, the exchange had become a platform which is available in 9 different languages.

The exchange currently holds more than 3 million customers. Its website has multiple languages option so as to allow its users to access the website in his native language. Similarly, in order to give upfront advantages of trade to its customers, had launched its own mobile app. Through this app its customers access their accounts maintained with the exchange. They can also sell or purchase and even trade digital assets on their mobile phones.

However, earlier the default language for the website and mobile app was English. But the exchange came with the idea of providing its customers access to the website and mobile app in native languages. When the idea was brought to reality, it showed phenomenal results and substantially increase’s customers. Since then had been introducing different language-based versions of its website and mobile app for strengthening relationship with its customers.

An official of stated that their mission is to bring investors from all over the world at one platform. In this way the ultimate aim of mass-adoption of digital currency will be taken further, he said.