Set To Launch An NFT Marketplace This Month

According to a new Google Analytics report, the craze behind NFTs, which had seen the unique digital asset become the most searched crypto assets in the year, seems high. The relatively unpopular space generates so much interest, as it was even compared to the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) of 2017 in the new report. However, that is normal, as the market’s fortune is taking an upward turn, much to the delight of the creatives and digital artists who have been the biggest beneficiary of the NFT marketplace. However, In a recent press release, popular exchange- have announced that they will be launching an NFT Marketplace in a few days, as the NFT space’s fortune continues to be on a high.

The new NFT marketplace will feature the works of many celebrities

The crypto exchange announcement to launch a platform that caters to NFTs activities is hailed by many as a right step in the right direction. The new platform called is now set to launch this Friday and will feature works of many prominent brands and creatives. The platform is set to allow fans and investors to purchase the digital works of famous musicians, artists, and NFT digital artists. The NFT collection of Kode- a famous pop culture artist, will headline th long list of works that are set to be exhibited when the NFT marketplace launches.

Formula one racing team- Aston Martin is also set to launch their digital collectibles, which will detail all their success stories in the championship. The NFT exhibition will also feature the works of famous rapper Snoop Dog, RnB singer Lionel Richie and many other famous musicians as NFTs, as confirmed by in their press release. has been involved in a few marketing deals recently

While launching an NFT marketplace is the latest news from the popular crypto exchange, the firm has recently closed essential deals set to take their fortunes higher. The crypto exchange had recently signed a deal with formula one side- Aston Martin. The crypto exchange has also taken their interest in sports to another level, as they announced that they would be sponsoring NHL side- Montreal Canadiens, in a new deal that will benefit both parties involved. However, the NFT space boom had propelled into venturing into the booming section of the cryptocurrency market.

The NFT space, according to data from the top NFT exchanges, has already generated at least $400 million this year alone, thwarting the $250 million it made the whole of 2020. The space’s growth had also improved the top creatives’ fortunes in the market who are now earning massively in at least five figures. Even though most of the market features are solely graphic and media-based, NFTs are now being adopted by other sectors of life like entertainment, sports, etc.