Crypto Community Wants Janet Yellen’s Resignation

Investors like Ray Dalio predicted a few months ago that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market would become so big that it will start to hinder. Those who feel threatened by the growth of the crypto industry will try to impose a direct or indirect ban on the crypto market. The most recent crypto amendment bill that bounds the legal definition of digital asset brokers and talks about imposing tax obligations on every transaction is an example of the same.

However, the entire crypto community is enraged and getting ready for a power show. An open letter-like article posted on Trust node reveals that high net worth individuals and crypto stakeholders in the United States are demanding some major changes and getting ready for a massive protest against the Senate. The recent outrage is also set ablaze by Senator Shelby rejecting the crypto amendment.

According to many prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry, the changed stance towards cryptocurrencies was sparked by Janet Yellen. The newly appointed US Treasury Secretary Yellen expressed severe reservations regarding the environmental damages caused by cryptocurrency mining. Many public figures believe that she has been lobbying vigorously to impose strict cryptocurrency regulations since her appointment under the Biden administration.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano blockchain, claimed that he is going to make some phone calls to Washington DC and host a rally for protest. Ryan Selkis, former VC from Silicon Valley, claimed that country needs a new crypto-friendly president. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, also agreed with the idea and claimed that Bitcoin is the new force that would unite the people of the USA.

Crypto Community Activists will Protest Against Treasury Secretary

A virtual carnival that showcased model SpaceX rockets and prototypes of the flying cars called Lilium air taxi by Elon Musk is added to the protest parade. Many Jpeg flippers, blockchain developers, and super coders in association with names like Jack Dorsey, Busta Rhymes, Jack Dorsey, and Ashton Kutcher want to decorate Lambos pavements.

The main objective of the protest is to deny any liability for coders and validators, a flexible definition of digital brokers, and resignation from Janet Yellen. For the new crypto amendment to get approval, the consent of all 100 Senators is required. However, Shelby, who wants to get approval for a $50 billion war budget, is trying to pressure the Senate. The crypto community activists want to reveal the corrupt politicians and expose central banks.