Crypto Exchange Applications Gaining more Rush on US App Stores than TikTok and YouTube

It seems that the cryptocurrency mania has entered into full throttle mode, and its expedition does not seem to end any time soon. The latest scoop from the markets is that Coinbase and Robinhood have become the forerunners at the United States iOS Application platform. Coinbase is the largest American crypto exchange, while Robinhood is a lodestar online brokerage platform that has integrated crypto offering to its clients due to the high market demands. 

Both crypto-centric applications have managed to leave behind popular applications like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat at the Apple store. It seems that the crypto fever is going to get a big thrust in the coming days. The huge number of downloads has not only ranked the applications to the position of top 11 but also caused them to break down momentarily caused by the download meltdown.

People are Getting Ready to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

Coinbase got its push into the top 10 apple store applications following its public listing at NASDAQ on April 14th, 2021. Meanwhile, Robinhood experienced a sudden crash that made it stop crypto trading for a while on April 15th, 2021. Later on, the problem was fixed, and the management informed users in the tweet that the outage was a result of the online traffic jam on the server. 

These figures indicate that the interest of mainstream investors has increased in cryptocurrencies beyond measure. It is not a small feat to leave behind the top-ranked social media platforms in the world that have billions of downloaders all over the world. However, the cryptocurrency bulls are worried that just like the 2017 Bull Run, when Coinbase became the leading application, Bitcoin was entering into the final sprint lap. 

Dogecoin Gets a New ATH and a New Ranking on the Crypto Scale

The famed meme coin has been making appearances on social media time and again. It has now managed to become the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world. The recent ATH of Dogecoin was valued at $0.298 on 16th April. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency crypto spiked to an evaluation of $39 billion for a brief period. 

Another interesting occurrence with Dogecoin is that the WallStreetBets Reddit lifted its cryptocurrency ban temporarily to make way for the Dogecoin debate. Interestingly, Dogecoin has surged 5000% in the ongoing year alone. This is a new record for altcoin appreciation that has broken the record of Bitcoin surging rates. Dogecoin has managed to leave behind altcoins like ADA, UNI, LINK, DOT, and even Litecoin.