Crypto Firm Bitmex Executes Sponsorship Deal with Italian Soccer Club AC Milan

An agreement for reducing in writing the partnership between crypto giant firm Bitmex and one of the finest soccer clubs of the world AC Milan has been executed for a long-term basis. Under the agreement, each member of the AC Milan Club will be wearing clothing with Bitmex’s “logo” printed thereon till the expiry of the agreement. The clothing also includes the t-shirts worn by the soccer players of the Club. The partnership further allows AC Milan to become the “official sleeve” of Bitmex as well as the Club’s crypto partner.

Bitmex, a tier-1 crypto trading platform, has acquired sponsorship rights of one of the finest soccer clubs of the world, AC Milan. To this effect, both, the Italian Soccer Club AC Milan and Bitmex have entered into a partnership agreement. Under the agreement, the members of the AC Milan club will be wearing jerseys and t-shirts on which the logo of “Bitmex” will be printed. Officially, Bitmex has now become the soccer club’s crypto partner and the announcement of this fact was made by the Club as well. It was revealed in the announcement that the agreement period will be for several years. After the expiry of the agreement, both parties reserve the right to extend the agreement for a further period based upon their mutual consent.

The agreement also allows Bitmex to become Club’s “Official Sleeve Partner”. Earlier, the Italian soccer club hasn’t ever taken anyone on board from the world of crypto. This is for the first time that an agreement has been executed between the club and a crypto derivatives firm. Bitmex has successfully acquired the rights of branding its logo upon the sleeves of jerseys worn either by male or female soccer players of AC Milan. The logo will also be printed on the players’ kits for all the upcoming small and major tournaments or competitions. For instance, for the UEFA Champions League as well, the players’ clothing will be carrying Bitmex’s logo and branding. In addition, the outfits worn by AC Milan Qlash (which is Club’s esports team) will also be hosting the logo and branding of Bitmex.

The partners of Bitmex also commented on the acquisition of sponsorship rights of the AC Milan club. They commented that it is in time that the firm has joined the soccer world. Soccer is a game that is loved by everyone in the world and they are privileged to be a part of soccer’s enthusiasm. Alexander Hoptner, CEO of Bitmex, stated that becoming partners with one of the best soccer clubs in the world is a breath of fresh air for the firm. It is something with which Bitmex hasn’t been associated ever before and they are excited to explore for a wonderful adventure.