Crypto Industry Sees Massive Growth Despite Growing Pandemic Impacts

The pandemic poached all aspects of life and negatively affected all businesses. However, the continuous growth and stability of the cryptocurrency are keeping the investors happily surprised. Over the course of last year, the economies with the world’s biggest GDP ratios showed a declining trend. However, some places like the Switzerland Crypto Valley kept the economy afloat and broke all records.

CV VC Report

According to an official report issued about the top 50 Venture Capital enterprises, sizeable profits and revenue streams can be detected among the CV VC’s best and finest. The Crypto Valley of Switzerland has been around before the introduction of Bitcoin. Its trade-friendly regulations and focus on blockchain legislation have finally bear fruits and paid off while the rest of the world is worried about getting out of the loss and trade deficit created by the pandemic. Currently, the CV VC or Crypto Valley Venture Capital is hosting around 800 different blockchain projects.

The report about the Top 50 Venture Capital shows that these top contenders have traveled from the starting evaluation of $ 37.5 billion USD to a whopping $254.5 billion each on average. That is about a 680% increase in a matter of a year. There are no other known business models in the world that have defied the pandemic’s odds like CV VC.

The author of the report, Ralf Kulbi, presents the idea the CV VC is a ‘Numero Uno’ host for all-new cryptocurrency projects. The CEO of CV VC Mathias Ruch is hopeful about continues the progress of the CV VC and aims to make the place the ultimate destination for the biggest blockchain operations in the near future.

The CV VC report has been circulating in the financial sectors all around the world. The authenticity of the report is indicated by facts like the rise of 4% in blockchain based organizations at CV VC during 2020. The sector has been able to offer new employments and steady growth opportunities. There is a visible rise of 9% new positions created in the cryptocurrency zone of Zug canton.

Switzerland’s government is also encouraging its citizens and local enterprises to take an interest in crypto unicorns. The people of Swiss land would be able to pay off their taxes amounting to under CHF 100,000 in Bitcoin and Ethereum starting from February 2021.