Crypto World and Footballing World Joins Hands as AS Roma Signs Deal with Zytara Labs

Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus See a Rise in their Tokens

AS Roma Football Club signs a new deal with crypto blockchain Zytara Labs. The Italian football club will now wear shirts sponsored by Zytara Labs in all domestic and European competitions. The branding of DigitalBits will help the crypto marketplace to enter the whole new world.

The football club has signed a three-year deal with the blockchain company Zytara Labs. AS Roma’s famous yellow and red shirts will be branding crypto blockchain from now on for the three consecutive football seasons. Both parties have cherished this newly launched joint venture.

Zytara Labs said that company is looking forward to building strong foundations with footballing associations and looking forward to sponsoring some other teams as well. The crypto company also revealed its ambitions to enter English Premier League and Spanish La Liga as well.

Zytara Labs develops products and policies on blockchain protocols such as DigitalBits and Ethereum to form and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This deal will bring both parties to the table, AS Roma and Zytara Labs will now acquire the expertise of DigitalBits. The blockchain will create digital player cards, other NFTs assets will also be created. The blockchain company will also upgrade its native digital tokens XBD as a new medium of trade.

AS Roma is amongst the most popular footballing clubs of Italy, along with Turin-based outlet Juventus and two Milan clubs Ac Millan and Inter Millan.  However, AS Roma’s new appointed boss Jose Mourinho also has its own fanbase located in Portugal, England, Spain, and across the whole of Europe.

It seems that this deal holds long-term benefits for both parties.  The Crypto community believes that crypto exchanges are slowly entering other communities which will boost the social acceptance of the crypto business. However, the previously crypto community was in a bit of isolation.

Crypto scholars said that the most unique aspect of this deal is watch time. Crypto is considered a digital economy with mainstream media rarely broadcast crypto-related topics. However, a football club sponsored by a crypto-centric blockchain company will gain TV viewership for three consecutive years of domestic football. This will enhance the viewership for Zytara Labs, the crypto company that offered $42M, in exchange for three years of marketing services by AS Roma. This is the first time when a crypto-centric blockchain name will appear in front of millions of fans across the globe. The economies of scale are huge here.

This is regarded as one of the most notable sponsorship deals to date for crypto companies. The soccer team and blockchain company intend to build bridges for the community by normalizing the terms of crypto trading.