Cryptos Circus Review – A Trading Brokerage That Is On Your Side

Cryptos Circus Review

Cryptos Circus logoWith the online trading industry growing, quite many online trading brokerages are being launched on a regular basis. However, the majority of the online trading brokerages have turned greedy as they are only after the money and funds of the investors and pay no attention to their grooming or polishing their skills.

This is why I chose to go with Cryptos Circus when I first set foot into the online trading industry. Cryptos Circus turned out to be completely different from the typical brokerages and proved that it strives to help investors, not itself. So allow me to share my experience at Cryptos Circus in this Cryptos Circus review.

Cryptos Circus homepageSomething to Know About Cryptos Circus

Cryptos Circus has been established by a team of veterans that have gained expertise in the fields of trading, analytics, and programming. With their knowledge and resourceful approach, they have developed and launched an online trading solution that is affordable by any investor and is capable of providing all the services/benefits as any other high-end, and well-reputed brokerage.

Instead of focusing on investors’ funds, Cryptos Circus’s teams focus on their trading profile and trading activities. Their aim is to empower the investors so they not only gain profits but also learn the online trading markets and their strategies inside-out. Cryptos Circus aims to provide investors with solutions that are better suited to their trading experience, expertise, and are promising in future trades.
Cryptos Circus Trading solutionsCryptos Circus is regulated

Even today, not many online trading brokerages are regulated, meaning that the investors trading through them are always at a high risk of losing all their money to the unregulated brokerages. If something goes wrong or a regulatory authority takes action against the brokerage, investors may get locked out of their personal possession on the website forever, and there won’t be any possibility of recovering them.

Cryptos Circus would never want something like this to happen to their investors. This is why it always makes sure that it is always adherent to the regulatory policies such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Under the guidelines provided for these policies, KYC means that investors’ personal identification information will be updated time-to-time and AML means that every transaction will be monitored and thoroughly investigated, and reported to regulatory authorities if it is deemed high-risk.
Cryptos Circus AMLCryptos Circus’s Trading Instruments

Cryptos Circus aims to provide you with as many profiting options as possible. Therefore, the first step it takes in executing this is by providing you with several trading instruments. Some of the major trading instruments being offered include forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptos Circus has enlisted these trading instruments because its teams are fully capable of handling these instruments and providing complete support with respect to any issues being faced by the investors. Each instrument consists of several trading markets so no matter the market, the investors have full support from the trading experts and analysts at Cryptos Circus as they will keep them pointed in the right direction.

Trading Accounts Investors Can Choose at Cryptos Circus

There are currently four (silver, gold, platinum, & diamond) trading accounts offered at Cryptos Circus and each account is set to cater a particular trading experience/level of the investors. So as the investors gain experience, they can choose to go for the next high-level account. The minimum deposit required at Cryptos Circus to have a silver account is 250 euro.

If an account at Cryptos Circus is acquired, then investors get services such as bonuses, interests, interest withdrawals, up to 1:1000 leverage trading, spreads, all trading instruments, 1-on-1 training sessions with analysts, and services from the personal account manager.

Trading Tools at Cryptos Circus

At Cryptos Circus, there are three major tools that are advantageous for the investors while performing trades. The tools that investors have access to include profit calculators, currency calculators, and holiday calendars. The purpose of having these tools ready for the investors is so that they can use them as they wish whenever they want to make a trade, open a position, go in for currency trades, etc.

Deposits and Withdrawals Are Easy at Cryptos Circus

Cryptos Circus provides investors the option to choose and make deposits using four different methods and they are bank wire transfer, bitcoin wallet, and Visa/MasterCards. The choice is up to the investors to choose the method and the minimum deposit required is $250 to open an account at Cryptos Circus.

As for withdrawals, investors have the freedom of choosing any of the methods they used for depositing the money and the withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.

24/5 Chat and Email Support

At Cryptos Circus, there is a customer support team always ready to hear investors’ queries and provide a swift and effective solution. They are well-trained, experienced, friendly, professional, and empathetic whenever dealing with the queries of the investors.