DeFi Platform Manages To Raise $18 Million In The Emerging Market

The DeFi market is currently seeing to it that most investors are able to feel welcomed in this space. However, the DeFi space can be a little intimidating for most types of investors, as they will not be able to make a lot of sense out of it.

In fact, the complex nature of the emerging market is why the DeFi space continues to struggle when trying to get more people into the market. However, many companies in the DeFi space are working on ways to offer investors democratized access to various assets, which can help them get on an even playing field.  Therefore, these investors will be able to keep better track of their finances and better handle the rising costs of inflation.

One DeFi firm in particular is leading the charge in better integrating investors throughout the market. Pillow, the newest DeFi platform in the market, is looking to make accessible and simple products that can be very helpful to investors, such as crypto payments, savings, and investing.

Getting the Necessary Funding for the Project

Pillow has been seen as such an appealing project that it has managed to raise a total of $18 million through Series A funding. Firms like Jump Capital, Elevation Capital, Quona Capital, and Accel led the funding effort, allowing it to accrue such a massive amount. Furthermore, Elevation Capital was also a seed investor, being the first company to invest in the project.

Throughout their series of funding efforts that they are committed to following through on, the project needs plenty of capital to meet its goals. It plans on becoming the biggest investor integration service that can help people from different backgrounds easily get into the DeFi market.

The Long Term plans

Pillow doesn’t just plan on being the biggest investor integration platform in the market, it also wants to make the process of investing in crypto and getting returns from it as easily as possible.

A major reason why the DeFi market continues to struggle when trying to get more investors in the market is that they have to jump through multiple hoops just to set up an account.

They will have to set up a Metamask wallet, get their crypto on the chain, understand the concept of gas fees, learn about bridging, and keep all of these aspects in mind when trading.

Capitalizing on the Innovation of the Crypto Market

Despite many companies being at the forefront of DeFi innovation, the truth of the matter is that new investors who could benefit the most from these innovations can have a difficult time getting into the market.

Therefore, Pillow believes that it has an important part to play in getting people into the DeFi space.