dHEDGE Creates Index To Track Its Best Ranked Traders

dHEDGE, a decentralized fund platform, has created a tokenized index to track its best-ranked traders. And Funds would be rebalanced in the best-ranked dHEDGE fund managers per month. ERC-20 tokens would equally be given for the index in DEXes (the automated market maker) in the future.

dHEDGE Permits Fund Managers Launch Investment Pools

dHEDGE permits fund managers to create actively investment pools energized by synthetic assets and offered by Synthetix. According to Henrik Anderson, dHEDGE co-founder, dHEDGE tries to crowdsource the top traders online. If you could set up an index from that, it might be tremendously powerful.

This new pool, termed “dTOP,” would rebalance the fund in the best ten ranked fund managers in the platform per month. The bot would equally take care of the gas costs incurred through the rebalancing, while dHEDGE DAO pays for gas. The dHEDGE’s several pool manager’s performances are scored with Sortino Ratios.

What’s more, the risk-adjusted approach considers the pool’s performance in relation to risk profile and size. And considering the notable volatility to the downside and upside, Anderson stated that they seek a risk-adjusted approach. It is crucial not to look at just the returns.
In the same vein, the dHEDGE DAO offered $50,000 for the dTOP pool.

Thus, Anderson predicts that the firm would invest additional funds in the index later in the future. The pool possesses about 10 per cent performance-price shared among the best asset managers in the month in relation to their index weight.

After leaving stealth mode in middle 2020, dHEDGE has already attracted the TVL of $30 million while facilitated over $400 million trades. dHEDGE co-founder maintained that additional indices would be created in the future on dHEDGE. He stated that the project is presently examining “Optimism for the layer two scalings”. For Anderson, the group is excited to offer value and grow the protocol capabilities continuously.

dHEDGE Future Goal

dHEDGE, a decentralized platform launched for the management of assets, is created on Ethereum top. Anderson, dHEDGE co-founder, stated that dHEDGE is seeking to allow dHEDGE on L2 – Optimism. It would be a big accomplishment for dHEDGE users.

The firm likes Ethereum composability; thus, venturing to L2 may show that some Ethereum composability is lost. It’s the main concern; we hope that the major communities would join together to adopt this interoperable technology.