Digital Ticks Exchange Announces its Exclusive Tie Up with Integrated Money Limited for Listing INRM

Digital Ticks Exchange

Digital Ticks Crypto Exchange has officially joined hands with Integrated Money Limited to list a digital currency called INRM on its platform. The decision came after the team at Digital Ticks Exchange felt a growing need to list INRM on their platform. Widely recognized as the best crypto-to-crypto exchange, Digital Ticks is a one-of-a-kind semi-algorithm platform provider especially designed to cater to all kinds of digital assets. It has everything for everyone, whether you’re a novice or a professional trader. When it comes to security, DTX employs a very robust security system to keep all types of hacking attempts at bay. The team at DTX has put a lot of effort into making their platform hackproof. They continually perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to sidestep potential hackers and scams.

The platform employs latest and powerful technologies to handle heavy volatility of crypto markets and commodity markets with greatest accuracy. It’s capable of handling up to 1,000,000 orders per second, which is quite impressive for a platform like DTX. Before we go further into this, let’s find out what is integrated money (INRM):

Digital Ticks Exchange

What is INRM?

INRM or Integrated Money is a digital coin pegged against rupee, running on its own blockchain technology. It’s backed by a fiat currency to offer a secure, robust and decentralized method of exchanging price to individuals and organizations. It’s designed to be less volatile and users can make the most of it to earn more. The coins are kept in one to thousand ratio using a fiat currency by the INRM Limited, a non-profit organization. INRM can also be considered as a stable digital coin against existing volatile digital currencies. The method used by INRM is a combination of Proof-of-Reserve using faster block creation and scrypt algorithm on the advanced InBlock Blockchain.

There’s a huge range of cryptocurrencies available in the market that are deployed on Blockchain. Digital currencies are generally not backed by fiat money. A cryptocurrency with high volatility isn’t considered good for performing transactions, as its value can fluctuate in no time. So, daily transactions need a stable coin like INRM to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency. That’s why INRM is gaining ground among crypto enthusiasts and investors.

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The following features are what make INRM stand out from the rest:

  • Instant transactions on a decentralized platform
  • Protection from market value fluctuations of a crypto coin
  • 100% secure transaction on its own blockchain network

Digital Ticks Exchange is very committed to offering its users with top of the line services at super affordable fees. Things that set DTX apart from its rivals in the market include: Fastest Order Processing Capacity, Modern Commodity Crypto Exchange, Best Customized User Interface, Biggest Maker Taker Concept, Multiple Device Compatibility, Lowest Transaction Fees, Multiple Coin Support, and Robust Security System to avoid any hacking attempts.

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