Dogecoin Co-Founder Claims He Has Been Harassed Online

The story of the American programmer, Billy Markus, is the same as that of everyone who has invented one thing or the other. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, both programmers, decided in 2013 to create the altcoin, Dogecoin.

Since then, they had been a hot topic on social media, as different supporters and critics have come up with contrasting opinions behind their innovation. In a new story shared on his social media, Billy Markus has claimed that the altcoins’ recent frenzy has not been pleasing to some few people who have utilized the opportunity to turn him into an object of harassment, especially on popular social media, Twitter.

Markus is no longer an investor or a partner in the project

The programmer claimed to have left the DOGE project seven years ago due to a few personal issues surrounding harassment and a host of other differences. In fact, according to Markus, he had sold off all his DOGE assets five years, as he needed the funds to do something tangible for himself. He is currently upset that despite his lack of involvement in the project anymore, certain individuals, whom he had kept anonymous, continue to throw him under the bus with their abusive comments towards him.

He claims that the harassment has been messing with his peace of mind, as people are coming to him to demand things he’s incapable of doing as he is no longer a part of the project as either a partner or an investor. The frenzy around the DOGE had started for a while now but was peaked last Friday when the coin witnessed a price increase of more than 320% in just a day. The situation was similar to the GameStop shares frenzy as a Reddit group was behind the pumping of prices.

Dogecoin continues to go strong

Many enthusiasts and analysts have touted the year to be the year of the altcoins. Despite Bitcoin’s rally towards the end of 2020, it has not been able to hit the heights of late 2020, as the most valuable and leading cryptocurrency continues to hover around the $33K mark. Ethereum has been leading the pack as expected, and other altcoins such as XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin have continued to perform.

More institutional adoption has been touted by analysts to improve prices, as the crypto community expects institutional investors to start looking towards the altcoins. The upward surge of Dogecoin towards the tail end of January has extended into February.

With a market capitalization of about $5 billion, the altcoin has gone up by 2% in the last 24hours to trade at about $0.035. The enthusiast around the coin, popularly called dogecoinarmy on social media, has been responsible for leading the rally on Reddit, leading to the pumping of prices. The enthusiast and analyst expect that the altcoin will end the year at $10.