Dogecoin Mainstream Adoption is Surging at an Exponential Rate

An e-commerce enterprise, Newegg Inc., has started to accept Dogecoin as a mode of payment. It seems like that the mass adoption of the meme cryptocurrency has been increased side by side its price in the market. The payment would be possible with a partnership between Bitpay and Newegg Inc. 

The company’s official Twitter account has been tweeting at Tesla CEO Elon Musk to shop at their platform as they are planning to add the DOGE as an official payment method. However, the transition has been made official now. The electronic retailer also announced the celebration of Doge Day, an event that marks the stretch of joke coin to 1 USD mark.

Mark Cuban’s Support for Dogecoin

Billionaire investor and owner of Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is showing a great interest in the meme coin. Since March, the NBA listed team has started to accept the digital currency as payment for tickers and merchandise. Cuban claims that the addition of the cryptocurrency has helped increase the sale of the MAV’s DOGE by 550% under 30 days. 

Dogecoin holders can also pay for tires via the Pay Later Tires service. The addition of Dogecoin to various payment platforms is even faster than the Bitcoin mainstream transition. Andrew Cho, senior brand success manager at Newegg Inc., believes that the adoption of meme coin signifies the excitement and vigor that is preceded by the growing popularity of the token in question.

Robinhood’s Users can Now Diversify their Investment Portfolio with Dogecoin

Robinhood, the largest online brokerage application, has made a major change in the minimum amount of Dogecoin acquisition. The users can now purchase as low as 1 DOGE rather than having a transaction limit of 10 DOGE at minimum. The company officials have said that they are trying to facilitate the retail users to have easier access to the meme crypto. 

Robinhood has also changed the minimum investment limit on Bitcoin and Ethereum. The users can now purchase as low as 0.000001 BTC and 0.0001 ETH while ordering. The recent move would strengthen the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies all over the world, and considering the 10 million user base of the platform, the digital assets would gain higher liquidity.