DXCBIT Review – Taking a Close Look at their Offerings


With COVID-19 severely affecting traditional investment opportunities, the financial markets have become a hotspot for those looking to make high returns. This means online brokers are in high demand because they provide online trading services and plenty of them can be found. But, this doesn’t mean that all of them offer the same type and quality of services. You have to take a close look at their offerings to discover what’s what and this DXCBIT review is aimed at doing exactly that. 

You will come across DXCBIT when you begin looking for a forex and CFD broker and despite being a new addition in the markets, it does seem to be doing quite well. So, what does it offer? You can take a close look at its services below to find out:

The Asset Offerings 

Taking a close look at a broker’s offerings means it is best to start with the assets they have on their platform. You need to know what markets you can access and if it will help you in achieving your financial goals. You will be pleased to find out that DXCBIT offers a variety of assets on its platform and they belong to some of the most renowned financial markets in the world. 

You can trade currency pairs from the forex market like EUR/USD and GBP/USD, choose cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, commodities like gold, silver and crude oil, stocks like Amazon and Apple and indices like FTSE 100 and S&P 500. This allows DXCBIT users to diversify their portfolio and make maximum profits.

The Registration 

Never opt for a broker without knowing what they require in the registration process. You don’t want to have to sign a contract or deal with other frustrating and time consuming tasks for using their services and DXCBIT requires none of it. They only have a single form on their website that traders have to fill and it needs only a handful of details.

You will be able to register yourself on the DXCBIT platform in less than five minutes. Just provide your first and last name, your phone number and country of residence and an email address and password that will be used for login purposes. Agree with their Terms and Conditions and confirm you are of legal age and the process is over.

The Security 

Checking out what kind of security a brokerage has used is also essential because you don’t want to be left vulnerable to cybersecurity incidents. This is not a concern you need to have at DXCBIT because their security measures are up to the mark. They have used 256-bit encryption for protecting all confidential data they accumulate on their website, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Your deposits are also maintained in segregated accounts and only used for trading. Hence, even if DXCBIT were to file for bankruptcy, your funds would be returned to you. Additionally, they also comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies and this can add another security layer through account verification. 

The Accounts

It is also a good idea to check out the account options that a broker offers in order to ensure they can cater to traders of your trading style and skill level. You will come to know that DXCBIT is offering its services to all kinds of traders, due to which they have developed four account options. You can choose from the Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts that are meant to facilitate a specific category of trader.

Whether you are a newbie with no experience, or an expert with plenty of knowledge, you will be able to find a suitable account at DXCBIT for trading. Plus, they have also added features like account manager, welcome bonus, high leverage and daily market reviews to help out the users.

Ending Thoughts 

Thanks to this close look, you can determine that DXCBIT certainly knows what it is doing and can be a good choice for you.