Elon Musk is Preparing to do a Skit on Dogecoin at the Famous Pop Culture Burlesque Saturday Night Live

According to media reports, billionaire Elon Musk has flown to New York City to prepare for his nationwide appearance on the hit comedy series Saturday Night Live. The SNL has a long history of inviting celebrities to host the show and present the latest pop culture trends in a comedic manner. It seems that Musk is set to host the show that would be aired on May 8th, 2021. 

Musk has told the media about a sketch focused on the Dogecoin that would be called the Dogefather. The sketch is a spoof of one of the most-watched films in the world called Godfather. Experts are speculating that this sketch could make or break the Dogecoin market upsurge. Musk introduced the meme coin to his 53 million followers on Twitter a few weeks ago. SNL would allow him to bring DOGE to 9 million cable viewers.

More Crypto Exchanges are Listing Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency and fiat exchange Gemini announced recently that it is listing Dogecoin on the platform. Meanwhile, another exchange platform, eToro, has decided to add Dogecoin to the digital asset trading list as well. Crypto enthusiasts would also be able to gain exposure in DOGE via the online casino service Cloudbelt. 

Some market analysts are claiming that Dogecoin’s major rallies are shrinking in volume and growing slower in pace. It could be possible that the final push would mark the last rise in the meme cryptocurrency before it is reinstated to zero. However, the analyst said that May 8th could change the position of the market for better or for worse.

Is KFC Canada Accepting Dogecoin?

KFC Canada has recently tweeted that it is accepting Dogecoin as payment. The news soon spread far and wide as the Twitter community started to repost the tweet. However, the official website is not showing any payment gateways that offer cryptocurrency transactions. In 2018, the fast-food chain accepted Bitcoin for a bucket of fried chicken. 

Other brands like Snickers and Slim Jims have also taken advantage of this opportunity and shared the limelight with the meme cryptocurrency through unlikely mentions. Eventually, the fast-food chain management told its consumers that Dogecoin acceptance is not available for the time being. The original subtweet that was making rounds on social media was an attempt at cheeky humor by KFC social media experts.