Elon Musk Pushes McDonald’s For Accepting Mem-Crypto DOGE

Elon Musk uses its influence to convince the global food chain, McDonald, to provide for the Dogecoin payment option through a tweet message. In response, McDonald said that the suggestion can be gladly accepted only if Tesla introduces the Grimacecoin payment option in return.

Before 2021, Dogecoin, i.e. the meme-crypto also is widely known as “DOGE”, was known to only a handful of people. Although DOGE was launched in December 2013, it took more than 8 years for DOGE in getting worldwide recognition in 2021.

However, the recognition was not earned by DOGE itself instead it was brought by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk.

While Musk is currently the richest man of the world, he is also a great admirer of cryptocurrencies and the technology called Blockchain. The Crypto community in fact looks at him and follows him at his Twitter profile for crypto motivation. He is also known for being a brand ambassador for Bitcoin and the famous meme-coin, DOGE.

DOGE today has alleviated into the top ten leading cryptocurrencies of the world just because of Musk. In 2021, Musk revealed that to him if there is better crypto after Bitcoin then it is none other than DOGE. Similarly, time and again, he continued to show his utmost support for the meme-coin by sending positive tweets about DOGE. The impression he single-handedly created for DOGE, helped meme-coin to earn worldwide recognition in the form of investment. Resultantly, with the world’s most influential man on its side, DOGE became one of the world’s greatly adopted crypto coins.

Once again Musk is on the drive to use his influence over global businesses for encouraging them to support DOGE. On Tuesday, Musk posted a tweet regarding a popular meal deal of Mcdonald’s namely “happy meal”. He said that he would be eating a happy meal on a TV channel if the popular food chain integrated DOGE as a payment option. His tweet instantly got over 230k likes and was retweeted more than 34k times to date.

A debate then sparked in which the general public took part. The majority of them said that if McDonald’s is able to introduce DOGE then they would be eating happy meals more often. While the lesser majority said that McDonald’s must also consider introducing SHIB payment, which is another popular meme-coin.

Because of Musk’s tweet, DOGE was able to make some positive changes in the crypto economy. For the past many weeks, the value of DOGE is going down gradually. Since 1st January 2022, it has lost approximately 30% value while since 1st January to date, there were hardly any value earnings. But because of the tweet post emerging from the Dogefather, DOGE earned 10% value gains on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, McDonald too has responded back to Musk’s tweet. McDonald, in its tweet message, replied that the suggestion can be considered and accepted if Tesla accepts Grimacecoin as payment in return.