Elon Musks Insist Upon Coinbase For Rendering DOGECOIN Trading Services

DOGE trading from the crypto trading platform of world-leading brand, Coinbase would take both i.e. the coin and its trading platform to a whole new level, says Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc.

 Crypto trading platforms like Binance and Coinbase are helping the entire world to understand the crypto from a different perspective. They are in fact the ones who had made the adoption of cryptocurrencies possible, which were otherwise usually regarded as “souvenirs”.

Most importantly, whatever Bitcoin is today, it is because of its adoption by crypto trading platforms like Binance. It is said in crypto space that if anyone is intending to launch a cryptocurrency, he should do it either through Binance or Coinbase. In return, he will be able to kick-start the project from day one and would soon become a competing crypto.

But shockingly, this globally acclaimed crypto trading platform does not deal with a famous crypto coin known as DOGE for several reasons. However, it is known to all that the man-in-charge of Tesla Inc., Mr. Elon Musk has been seen very fond of DOGE. On several occasions in the past, the entrepreneur has rendered his utmost support for DOGE within the crypto industry as well as in social media.

Recently, he was seen once again talking about the meme coin and encouraging others to render their support. One of Musk’s fans, who has been following him on his Twitter account, asked him what is his views on non-trading of DOGE and Coinbase. In response, Musk stated that he is unable to determine any rationale behind non-trading of DOGE at Coinbase. He suggested that if this is the policy decision of Coinbase, then it definitely needed to be re-considered. However, if there are some other reasons, then the matter should be sorted out amicably in the best of public interest.

Musk specifically stated that he is looking at wonders if both are combined. According to Musk, DOGE is currently the real-deal because everyone loves Shiba Inu while Coinbase is the globally acclaimed crypto trading platform. He advised that if DOGE is traded through the platform of Coinbase then both will emerge at the world’s crypto stage as lead stars.

According to Musk, if Coinbase is able to do that positively, then a flock of investors would be joining the crypto trading platform.

The relationship between Coinbase and Musk is not hidden. Recently, Musk’s company had acquired Bitcoin and the deal was concluded through Coinbase, which provided the coins. The investment which Tesla Inc. had made into Bitcoin was estimated to be US$ 1.5 Billion. In addition, since the trader was Coinbase, it earned a fair piece of chunk from Tesla’s money as well. So in order to keep the relationship for future, one must pay heed to the suggestions.