The Bitfinex-backed noncustodial exchange Eosfinex which runs on the EOS blockchain is going to add support for more digital currencies from the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. In an announcement made recently, the exchange said that it is going to list over 15 ERC-20 tokens on its trading platform. With the completion of this listing, several new DeFi tokens will be present for trading on the EOS blockchain.

Reportedly, Eosfinex will collaborate with the cryptocurrency wrapping network pNetwork for making this listing of new DeFi digital assets possible. pNetwork has already helped the world’s second-largest blockchain network Ethereum and the EOS network by bringing two famous digital currencies including the leading digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) on these blockchains. The tokens brought in collaboration with pNetwork are usually represented with the prefix of “p” for instance, pBTC and pLTC.

A total of 18 DeFi digital coins will be listed on the exchange’s trading platform. Eosfinex also revealed that it will roll out the listing of these digital coins in three different phases. The native digital token of the famous decentralized exchange Uniswap pUNI, Synthetix (pSNX), Band Protocol (pBAND), Compound (pCOMP), and Balancer (pBAL) will be listed in the first phase which is scheduled to occur on the coming Thursday. Following the first phase, the second phase will occur on Tuesday. In this phase, Loopring (pLRC), OMG Network (pOMG), Aragon (pANT), and Dai (pDAI) will be made available to users for trading.

While on the other hand, the third phase will reportedly take place on the 22nd of December. Kleros (pPNK), Ultra (pUOS), 0x (pZRX), Augur (pREP), and Basic Attention Token (pBAT), will be added on the trading platform of the Eosfinex exchange in this phase. The listing of the remaining digital coins including Aave (pAAVE), Maker (pMKR), Chainlink (pLINK), and (pYFI) will be rolled out later in another phase. However, the exchange has not revealed when it plans to launch these remaining crypto assets.

While commenting on this listing of ERC-20 digital coins, the Head of Product at Eosfinex Steven Quinn said in a statement:

“EOS and EOS-based organizations must deliver solutions to meet this challenge and strengthen the blockchain’s claim as the most performant, reliable, and cost-effective smart contract platform. The best way to do this is to support the next wave of DeFi innovation.”

This listing of this vast variety of digital assets will help the EOS blockchain in boosting its decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.