Escaroo Partners With Moonstake To Adopt Staking Function

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency space, which analysts predicted to triple by the end of the year, continues to be on a high. However, many of the industry players, most firms, have continued to add value to their products and services to serve the increasing number of investors and traders flocking the crypto space. While many of these firms have resorted to fundings and loans, others have gone into meaningful partnerships to boost their service and product offerings. In a recent announcement, Escaroo and Moonstake are the latest Blockchain players to partner with, as they both set their sights on more extraordinary things.

Escaroo users will now earn rewards on staking

In an announcement yesterday by popular staking pool protocol, Moonstake announced that they have entered into a mutual partnership with blockchain-based peer-to-peer escrow service providers, Escaroo. The partnership is set to benefit both platforms’ users, as they are now set to earn rewards. The partnership will also allow Escaroo to incorporate staking into its platform from Moonstake. The advantage of this new update for Escaroo users will be that they can now earn cryptocurrency rewards on their stakes in the new collaboration. The new staking platform on Escaroo will allow holders of Cardano’s ADA and Tezos’s XTZ to initially earn rewards before a provision for rewarding other token holders will come later.

Speaking to the press, the CEO of Escaroo, Frank Pira, expressed his delight at the new partnership and believes it will improve the fortunes of Escaroo. Pira confirms that it has been a long-term ambition of Escaroo to add staking to its platform for a while, and he is now delighted that users of Escaroo can now earn rewards on their cryptocurrencies. Pira also expressed the delight of partnering with a top game player like Moonstake and believes Escaroo will also add value to the fortunes of Moonstake.

Lawrence Lin is also pleased with the partnership

The partnership will also allow Escaroo users to manage their funds in a secure and uniques smart contract that will now be co-managed by Moonstake. Moonstake’s CEO, Lawrence Lin, also spoke of his delight at the new partnership with Escaroo. He believes that the advantage of providing adequate securities for investors on the EScaroo platform makes Moonstake the ideal partner for Escaroo. The Executive believes that the partnership will also bring more customers to Moonstake services, which some of them will now be on Escaroo.

He also delighted that Moonstake is providing users of Escaroo a rare opportunity to earn rewards on their cryptocurrencies. Lin believes that the staking platform’s quality of service will further attract more users to Escaroo and Moonstake. Lin also believes that the partnership between blockchain firms is expected to add more value to the cryptocurrency space. The Executive confirms it will not do anything less than expected.