At the moment, bulls seem to extend their market dominance as BTC trades over $35K and Ether on a 2-week high, hovering at $2,330.

Bitcoin looks to have a smooth weekend, extending its additions to reclaim the vital $35,000 level. As usual, most alternative coins followed with gains. As a result, Ethereum went over $2,300. Keep in mind that the leading altcoin has never been this high in value since mid-June.

BTC Reconquers $35,000

After a high volatility week that saw Bitcoin reaching multi-day highs of nearly $36,600 before dipping beneath $33,000, most market players concentrated on what the weekend could have. That is after the prominent digital coins showed record lows as the workweek ends.

However, the coin reversed its trend, gaining gradually to claim the $34,000 mark. After that, the bulls controlled the market, initiating another up-move over $35,000. Keep in mind that the last time the coin was that high was on Tuesday.

After the recent recoveries, Bitcoin trades around $35,500 while publishing this content. The positive moves saw the BTC market cap increasing to over $650 billion.

Meanwhile, the popular crypto coin had its market dominance steady at over 45%.

Altcoins in Green – ETH on a 2-Week High

Altcoins seems to enjoy as far as the weekend is concerned. For example, the leading alternative coin, ETH, saw another 5% uptick, surging to $2,330. Keep in mind that the currency has been struggling with plummets since 18 June.

Binance Coin regained its lows with a 5% surge to trade over $300 today.

Other altcoins trading in the green zone are ADA (4%), DOGE (1.5%), XRP (3.5%), DOT (2.5%), and BCH (3.5%).

Uniswap, with a 5.2% increase and Solana 6% uptick, gained the highest in today’s trading session.

Also, the mid-and lower-capitalization altcoins saw surges. Aave and Celsius lead the pack after surging with 16% each.

Other virtual assets that surged by double digits include Elron (14%), Graph (15%), Synthetic (10%), OMG Network (10%), Compound (12%), and THORChain (12%).

Meanwhile, the total crypto market capitalization increased by around $60 billion in the last 24 hours, valuing around $1.5 trillion while writing this. The market is bullish today.