Ethereum Gets an Ad Plugin from WordPress

Ethereum Gets an Ad Plugin from WordPress

Just recently, an announcement has been made for the WordPress publishers that is going to make them extremely happy. As per the announcement, there will be a new crypto-plugin introduced especially for the WordPress publishers.

In general, the function of the crypto-plugin would be to facilitate WordPress publishers with their ad postings. Through the plugin, the users will be able to receive earnings for the ads directly into Ethereum (Ether – ETH) wallets.

This official announcement was made by WordPress on December 10, 2020, on their official website. The description and functionality of the plugin were also posted on WordPress’s website.

The ad plugin designed solely for the WordPress publishers has been named ‘EthereumAds’ by WordPress. Using the plugin, the content publishers will have the opportunity to auction space dedicated for advertisement. The content publishers will be able to do this through the smart contracts in order to acquire Ethereum (ETH).

The WordPress post from December 10, 2020, also provided some information related to how the ad-plugin would work. As per the official post, once the plugin has been added, an automatic auction would take place for your ad space. This process will take place every two weeks and will be using WordPress’s smart contracts feature to execute the process.

While in the auction space, whichever bidder bids the highest value, will gain exclusive access to that ad space.

As per reports, the website of the plugin ‘EthereumAds’ has published what its true aim is with the launch of the new plugin. The plugin developers posted on the website that they are aiming to bring their plugin face to face with Google’s AdSense.

Once the plugin has been launched and fully functional, its main goal would be to compete with AdSense, which is powered by Google. With the integration of the EthereumAds plugin, the WordPress content publishers will be able to earn ETH through postings of banner ads.

Apart from the plugin’s launch and functionality, the developers of the plugin have also made a very bold claim. The developers have claimed that with the EthereumAds plugin, the publishers will be able to earn 90% of their ad earnings.

As of now, Google AdSense is paying its users 68% of their earnings that are generated through an ad posting.

The developers of the new plugin have also confirmed that the content used for ads would not only be limited to crypto. The ad plugin will be applicable to any content such as billboards, websites, or blogs.

With the launch of the new plugin, it is expected that the majority of the WordPress content publishers will be shifting towards EthereumAds. The main reason behind the shift would be the issues that AdSense has faced in the past related to the cryptocurrency platform.

Back in April 2020, one of the crypto-reporting firms had revealed that Google AdSense was intentionally barring legit crypto-firms from posting their ads while publishing fraudulent crypto-ads.