Ethernity Chain (ERN) Surpassed BTC Popularity in the USA And Became the Top Trending Token There Last Week

Ethernity Chain (ERN) is the utility token for the NFT platform, and it has taken advantage of the current NFT hype to surpass Bitcoin as the USA’s top trending token as of last week.

Although BTC is the most popular and the largest crypto asset worldwide, it had lost its throne of the top trending token in the United States of America last week. Instead of BTC, the top trending position in the US digital financial market has gone to Ethernity Chain, an NFT platform that is reported to host the NFT of Tony Hawk, the skateboarding legend.

Since the start of March 2021, the price of the Ethernity Chain (ERN) token has gone up by over 20 times its base value.

Ethernity Chain (ERN) Trending on Top of The US Market

CoinGecko is the most popular crypto asset monitoring source, and it has jolted down its list of the United States’ top trending crypto tokens from 20th March to 26th March 2021. It would not be foolish to say that this news has come as a surprise to many people. A small example of why this has been shocking news is that the world’s largest cryptocurrency by popularity, value, and market cap has been placed at the third spot on this list.

The list reveals that BTC is lagging behind Economi and, even more astonishingly, Ethernity Chain (ERN), which is a platform based on blockchain that enables its clients to take advantage of the NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) skyrocketing popularity.

The Ethernity Chain platform allows its users to make their own digital artworks which are unique and can then be converted into tokens. These tokens can be traded on the Ethernity Chain’s blockchain platform.

The ERN project has been praised by a lot of big names. Tony Hawk, a skateboarding legend famous for his popular gaming franchise and record-setting career, was the first person to recognize the project publicly.

The Price of ERN Surges Over 20x

While the core project Ethernity Chain has been very active in the NFT market, the price of its native crypto asset has shot through the roof in just a matter of weeks. It is now being traded at a price of $74.