Everything You Need to Know About BitMix.Biz, a Bitcoin Mixing Service


Whether you want to brush up on your Bitcoin mixing knowledge or know more about BitMix.Biz, you are at the right place. Bitcoin mixing or tumbling is the process of availing a 3rd party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin sender and the addresses receiving coins. It’s getting steam among crypto traders and investors who want to stay completely anonymous when making crypto transactions. BitMix.Biz is one of the most reputed online platforms dedicated to Bitcoin mixing or tumbling. The platform provides an array of cutting-edge features to simplify Bitcoin mixing for you. In this article, we’re going to explain Bitcoin mixing in detail, and discuss BitMix platform and see if it’s safe for crypto mixing.


What is Bitcoin Mixing or Tumbling?

Bitcoin mixing, also referred to as Bitcoin laundering or Bitcoin tumbling, is a procedure of using a third party services to hide the trail of digital transactions. Although Bitcoin provides you anonymity for executing digital transactions, there’re still some ways through which your digital assets can be traced and hacked. This is where Bitcoin mixing comes in. The majority of crypto traders and investors have started using bitcion mixing services to stay away from the potential hacking attempts. 

A platform providing Bitcoin mixing service is referred to as Bitcoin mixer or tumbler. Coin mixing provides you with the highest level of privacy, reducing your odds of being traced and hacked. The way crypto transactions work causes them to be traceable in a permanent public ledger. They can be traced in the blockchain from one address to another. Bitcoin tumblers serve as an anonymous intermediary between your Bitcoin transactions.

Why Do People Need to Use a Bitcoin Mixer?

If you think no one can track your crypto transactions, you’re wrong. All the digital transactions made by a crypto user get recorded in a public ledger called blockchain. So, anyone can trace your transactions quite easily. To avoid this, you must mix your coins every time you need to send or receive coins from a new source. For instance, when you first buy digital currency for fiat money, you must mix them up prior to making further transactions. This will go a long way toward making it more difficult to track a connection between your digital assets and you.  You should also mix your bitcoins when you’re selling them for fiat currency like US Dollar or Euro. A buyer won’t be able to track the source of funds if they’re mixed. When you refuse to use a bitcoin mixer, you allow potential hackers to find out where your crypto assets were transferred. 

The real transaction won’t have any your identity attached to it, but a string of letters and numbers linked to your account. Moreover, it won’t disclose any identity of any party involved. The accounts engaged in the transaction would look similar to ‘’Hkijduri79767nnsoijs79rk55kn4mmde’’. However, many people don’t find this fully anonymous. There’s a still possibility that their transactions can be traced back to them by potential hackers and well-funded companies who’re always on the lookout to steal someone’s financial information. This is unacceptable for many crypto users and traders who want to have the greatest level of privacy and secrecy. That’s why many crypto users turn to Bitcoin tumblers to achieve the highest possible privacy levels.

There’re many people or organizations who may be interested in using coin mixers. For instance, businesses that are making big transactions in digital currency may not want these digital transactions traced, as they would like to keep their company’s dealings secret. For such businesses, if their rivals find out what they’re buying, this can be very problematic.

Individuals with high net worth may also want their Altcoin and Bitcoin transactions kept private so that they don’t easily fall victim to hackers. If a potential hacker sees that ‘’Tom B.’’ recently transferred a whopping 10 bitcoins, then they may choose to hack ‘’Tom B.’’ because they know that he/she is probably a wealthy individual with a huge amount of bitcoins stored in their wallet. 

Is it Safe to Use BitMix.Biz for coin mixing?

The BitMix.Biz is a safe and secure platform for mixing your coins. They employ the latest and robust security system to keep potential security risks at bay. The majority of users who’ve used or are using BitMix.Biz are saying good and fantastic things about it. Getting started with BitMix is easy and quick. You don’t need to go through any intensive procedure to start mixing your coins. The following features are what set them apart from the rest in the market:

Multilanguage Support

Unlike many bitcoin mixers available in the market, BitMix offers support for all the major languages, including English, Hindi, Russia, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Dutch and German.

Letter of Guarantee

When they provide you their Bitcoin address to which your bitcoin should be sent to be mixed, they also provide a digitally-signed confirmation certifying that this address has been generated by their server. 

 Instant Transfer

Your digital assets are instantly transferred to your address after a quick confirmation of your transaction. When a user performs a transaction using BitMix mixer, completely anonymous means are sent to the receiver.

Fully Anonymous

They request a minimum of necessary information while taking care of your privacy. All the entries are removed within 72 hours or even less if a user requests it in the order page. 


If you’re one of those who want to have the highest level of privacy when making digital transactions, there’s nothing better than availing a coin mixing service. BitMix.Biz has everything necessary to clean your digital assets.