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EZDSK Review

EZDSK logoHave you made up your mind about online trading? If yes, then you should read our EZDSK review. This is a type of broker that is capable of making you a rich personality. There are unlimited numbers of brokers working in this world, and it becomes very difficult to select one out of multiple trading brokers. EZDSk is one of the credible online trading platforms that fulfill traders’ demands and requirements to its full capacity.

It is difficult to find a trading place that can help you enjoy a life full of luxurious things. Moreover, beginners wish to open an account with a firm that would help them in their difficult trading path. You should be aware of the greedy platforms that want to rob capital out of the users’ pockets by using different tactics. It is dependent on the broker that makes your trading journey either easy or difficult. EZDSK, on the other hand, assists new traders in building their careers in the industry.

In the online world, you will meet people who always say the crypto industry is going to fade away. It is a piece of free advice to you that don’t pay attention to them as they are just critics. The track record of cryptocurrency industry trading tells hundreds of stories, making people millionaires out of nothing.

What is EZDSK?

EZDSK takes cryptocurrency trading to the next level with its top functionalities. Trading cryptocurrencies becomes easy and smooth with EZDSK. The great thing about the broker is that it empowers beginner traders by teaching them useful strategies, which are commonly used in crypto trading.

Account types are given, which solve investment issues of investors and equip them with new opportunities for profit-taking. Six account types have different funding limits, which should be kept in mind before creating an account with the site. I would recommend the black account to those who have enough amount to invest in cryptocurrencies.

EZDSK website

Trade Cryptocurrencies

The most interesting thing about the EZDSK is that it is only made for cryptocurrency trading. Many brokers deal with digital assets, but few have a very efficient attitude towards crypto assets. They offer basic things that are good for newcomers, but they would not help create a lot of profit. Instead, it equips traders and investors with basic as well as professional strategies to make thousands of dollars on cryptocurrency trading.

Currently, more than two thousand digital currencies have emerged on the scene, so it becomes very difficult to pick one out of many. EZDSk has only provided profitable assets, which in turn have the ability to give the highest amount in return on investments. One can even get a lot of profit on two leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the crypto trading company’s tactics. The premium list of cryptocurrencies includes Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), and many others. The whole services package of the EZDSK moves around cryptocurrency as it develops its specialties around digital assets trading.

As Bitcoin is known to be a high-flying asset, a lot of risks are also attached to BTC investments. So, you just need to be careful while investing money in digital assets as they are volatile. As there are greater risks of losing money due to crypto volatility, the chances of earning high money are also greater. But with the passage of time, the market is becoming more mature with a sharp decrease in volatility. Recently, the market cap of the global cryptocurrency market reached above $1 trillion.

According to crypto strategists, the crypto market cap will replace gold’s cap. Currently, the gold bullion market capitalization is standing at $10 trillion, which means that the crypto industry is getting bigger at an exponential rate, thus increasing the chances of people becoming rich. Once you become attached to the crypto industry, you will see your bank account fill with a pile of money. If you want to enjoy a luxurious life full of facilities, you should join the crypto trading before it’s too late to align with the crypto venture.

If you start crypto trading, you should begin with Bitcoin as it is the first and most trending digital asset of the current age. Last year, Bitcoin went as low as $3,000 in mid-March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This year, it touched the mark of $58,000, an all-time high value. Thus, you can see how much growth potential the crypto assets are having. As per the many published reports, Bitcoin is included in the best-performing assets of the world. On the other hand, traditional markets suffered a lot due to the pandemic and its negative impacts on the world economy.

Various asset management companies have started dumping the gold bullion for Bitcoin as the top digital currency is the future’s digital gold. Investors are using gold as a hedge investment against ups and downs in the traditional markets. Bitcoin also performs the same function due to its limited supply. One cannot mine additional Bitcoin once the 21 million BTC comes into the market. The factor of scarcity is the beautiful feature of Satoshi’s internet currency.

Crypto vocals believe that Bitcoin would touch $100,000 by the end of 2021 as institutional money is coming into the Bitcoin market at an exponential rate. Even Tesla, the largest electric car manufacturer, made a heavy investment in Bitcoin. Following Tesla, many other tech companies have started taking an interest in the top digital coin.

Secure Trading Broker

In terms of security and software protocol, it beats all of its competitors. It is true that information has more worth than money, but your capital is your asset that is required to live a peaceful life. There is no chance that the broker will manipulate your funds as no case has been reported so far. Instead, it is determined to safeguard your funds from external vulnerabilities that are very common in the online world. This is because the firm has employed a high-standard security protocol that makes a strong layer around the website.

It is your first responsibility that you should pick a broker with a positive reputation in the market, but in this case, I assure you that it is a reliable and trusted broker and will meet all users’ needs. It also complies with security policies, which lawmakers and regulators introduce. You should also take care that funds must go into the segregated accounts because these segregated accounts are highly secured. It is an extra piece of advice that you should create an account only with the firm that offers the facility of segregated accounts. The existence of segregated accounts means that firm does not place its funds along with customers’ money. By following these things, it becomes to ensure that when a hacker attacks the site, the users’ capital remains safe and sound. EZDSK puts your money in separate accounts, which confirm its security nature.

Safety of funds is a serious matter, and it should be taken care of on the part of the trading broker. EZDSK put its major focus on safeguarding the assets of its users. For this purpose, it has enabled strong security standards that are aligned with the trading principles of the modern world. The professional staff members ensure that the funds of users are saved in separate accounts, also known as segregated accounts. A segregated account saves user’s funds if the site becomes a victim of a hacking attack. It has been working in the crypto space for a long time but has not witnessed any type of vulnerability.

Compliance with KYC and AML Policy

When a user land on the homepage of the EZDSK, you will see the dedicated pages for know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) policy. Once a company ensures these policies’ implementation, it becomes very hard to do any illicit activity via this platform. These policies further satisfy the minds of people who are thinking about joining the broker for crypto trading. Most people feel reluctant when they confront the KYC environment because it requires them to provide a lot of personal information for identification purposes. The comprehensive personal information is provided at the time of funds deposits and as well as at the time of money withdrawal. For instance, usually, people provide their documents of driver’s license along with pictures. However, you may have a reservation at the time of document submission, but it is very important for your security as no external entity will try to disturb your account details.

Besides the KYC policy, EZDSK also ensures the availability of AML policy. Anti-money laundering ensures that no user can engage in any type of illegal activity, such as money laundering. As you know, money laundering is very popular in the world, and illegal forces usually use brokers for money laundering. In order to contain such kinds of things, the lawmaker agencies of the world derive policies, which block these things. These agencies have made it mandatory for every trading company to comply with the international legal sandbox.

EZDSK outlines that deposits and withdrawals are only possible with the same account. It is not possible that a user deposits money with one particular and withdraw earned money from another account. This is because such kind of act promotes money laundering.

You will not regret signing up with the ZDSK as it provides those security measures, which are not even close to other trading brokers.

Signup Process is Easy with EZDSK

The first stage to start a journey with a firm is to sign up with that site. In this busy world, no one has time to go through a lengthy procedure and prefers those that provide easy to go process. EZDSK outlines a very simple process for sign up as users need to paste some basic information on the given page. Once you make your way into the site, the website’s simple things will catch up your attention.

The broker’s signup page has empty boxes to be filled, such as full name, email, phone number, and at the end, one must need to create a strong password. If users are facing any problem, they should contact the website’s support desk as the solution to every problem exists there. One must check the countries supported by the broker as it is not working in some regions due to a regulatory ban on cryptocurrency usage. For instance, US citizens are unable to trade on the broker, and they should look for another alternative.

EZDSK signup process

Trading Accounts for Trading

On the platform of EZDSK, users find six different accounts, and each one has unique specialties. The accounts are ranked based on the amount of investment as the basic account is for low-investment traders, while black is specially designed for wealthy people. One should aware of his needs and then pick an account based on his requirements. Let’s start from the basic one and also unravel details about the black account.

  • Basic Account

First of all, the traders who are going to open the basic one will take benefits of the support services 24/7. Second, an education center is designed for cryptocurrency trading because education is very necessary for efficient trading. Third, daily market review informs users about the daily events that occurred in the crypto industry. For better trading, the option of Pro Webinars is also at the service of EZDSK’s customers. Once you deposit 1,000, your basic account will open.

  • Bronze Account

With the Bronze account, 24/7 support service is accessible. Price alerts let traders make better judgments on crypto-assets trading and will let them earn more money. EZDSK also provides an opportunity for price alerts along with the daily market review, learning center, and Pro Webinars. What’s more, the creation of a versatile portfolio also requires assistance from account managers.

  • Silver Account

After basic and silver accounts, traders also have access to the silver account, which is not, however, a premium investment package. The silver investment package also empowers traders with PIA trading signals. On the contrary, PIA signals on other brokers are only available for the most premium accounts. The help of account managers is also present, along with many opportunities.

  • Gold Account

Gold account is similar to the silver account in features, but the time span of these characteristics is increased as the funding limit is also expanded. For gold account opening, you need to add funds at least 50,000 in the segregated account of the crypto-powered brokerage firm. The things, such as price alerts and daily market reviews, are VIP in nature.

  • Platinum Account

All features of the previous four accounts are included in this one, plus some other special things. The personalized trading strategy is the unique thing that you will find with the platinum account. The facility of PIA trading signals proves helpful to professionals who make big bets on crypto assets. In order to unlock the services of the platinum account, one should add at least 250,000 to the site wallet.

  • Black Account

The black account features include a learning center, PIA trading signals, Pro Webinars, account manager, 24/7 customer service, one on one trading trainer, daily market review, exclusive position access, price alerts, and facility of personalized trading strategy. The minimum funding amount for the black account is not mentioned on the site, as you will have to connect with the site team for further information.

Refer a Friend

Help to increase the user community of the website and earn money on that. The company awards those who bring new people to the site. The existence of such a big community becomes possible with the help of potential members. If you are an old client of the broker, you know the specials things about it. Tell these things to your relatives and friends and make a lot of money on them. On recommending brokers to new people, the company will give you a high return. For instance, when your referred friend makes an account with the broker, EZDSK will give you and your friend a reward of $25 on a deposit from $500 to $10,000. Similarly, if your referred friend adds more than $20,000, you would get a reward of $300. A comprehensive note on the referral program is written when you go into the “Refer A Friend” section.

Multi-Language Support

As the clients of EZDSK belong to every part of the world, it has added support for three languages, including English, Arabic, and Deutsch. People who speak Arabic and Deitsch will find it the best crypto trading broker as everything is written in layman’s language. Everything is explained in English for all other users as it is an international language, and every literate person can easily read it.


I have made everything clear about EZDSK and also mention its specialties. On top of all features, the availability of six different accounts is the fascinating one. Once you become aware of EZDSK’s features, it is possible that you will recommend them to your friends as well.