Fancomp Empire – The Ultimate Online Selling Platform that Benefits Everyone Involved

Want to invest in new, innovative ideas? Fancomp Empire is the latest idea that’s worth funding. It’s one-of-a-kind online file sharing social media network platform that compensates fans for sharing and selling artiste intellectual property for profit and promotions. The earnings are divided into three slices: one portion goes to the artist, second portion for a lucky fan, and third portion goes to Fancomp Empire.

The main objective of this platform is to compensate fans financially because they spend a big amount of time supporting and promoting your cause. It goes without saying that artists work tirelessly to produce something unique and awesome, and therefore they should get a handsome reward for their dedication. But we can’t ignore the Fans’ role; they also work very actively to promote and support your ideas and products.

Here’s what they say about their reward system:

‘’We will be issuing Compcoins to our backers as rewards for their pledges, Compcoins are used as currency on the FanComp website, the value of a Compcoin will be tied to the success of the venture, the more the venture is funded and over time with the continued growth and success of FanComp the value of the Compcoin is expected to increase, and in the not too distant future after the full establishment of the business network FanComp , cashing out and trading options will be available for the Compcoins.’’

Fancomp Empire – The Ultimate Online Selling Platform that Benefits Everyone Involved 2

What makes this platform unique is its unique aspect of compensating fans and it’s no wrong saying that it will be the first platform to compensate fans. If you think this project is worth funding, be sure to back this idea on Indiegogo, the leading online platform that supports new ideas and innovations.

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