FC Barcelona Collaborates With Ownix To Launch Its NFT Collection

The soccer club named FC Barcelona has collaborated with Ownix for launching its NFT (non-fungible token) collection concentrated on improving the connection with its global audience. The series will present a historic moment out of the 122-year history of the club that incorporates an elaborated trophy showcase of up to 95 international as well as domestic victories in which 26 are the related to national league whereas five deal with the titles of UEFA Champions League, as per the Wikipedia’s archive data.

The digital assets will be provided via the marketplace of Ownix and will expectedly be launched during November’s last week through using ONX, the local ERC-20 token of the platform. Ownix’s CEO, Guy Elhanan, positively responded to a question regarding the immediate accessibility of NFT collection by the worldwide fan base of Barcelona or the holders of season tickets and the rest of the core groups. He stated that they would provide their collection to the entire of the fans as well as the other people across the globe, and no restrictions would be imposed to limit it just to the fan base of the company.

NFTs are presently turning out to be swiftly adopted in the landscape of sports, not only for their profitable financial demand but also for their provision of a chance to incorporate supporters as well as fans throughout the world having more personal and immersive experiences. Socios, Sorare, Dapper Labs, and other of their kind have made comprehensive expansions in this bourgeoning space through partnering with a few of the globe’s prominent professional athletes, clubs, and leagues. Sorare, an NFT marketplace which is based on Ethereum, has previously signed collaboration contracts with La Liga (the well-known soccer division in Spain) to introduce crypto cards of the players thereof, as well as Bundesliga (the corresponding league of Germany, to present digital moments.

The funds have been reported by the platform to have trading volumes of more than $170M during 2021, and it is supposed that the figure will increase to two times thereof. Elhanani added that a minting process would take place during some upcoming weeks of FCB facilities to launch the initial five NFTs. He concluded by expressing high enthusiasm regarding the adoption because the parties are seeking to make their respective bonding more profound while reverberating the words of Joan Laporta (the FCB’s president).