February Highlights- Crypto Exchange Volume Surpasses all Records Breaching Through $1 Trillion

The rigorous hike of crypto exchange data has broken all records and is expected to create further records. The crypto world’s turning edge was initiated in March 2020 and has not witnessed any tilt till now. A new record has been created as crypto exchange data statistics show that the monthly volume crosses $1 trillion this February. Indeed great news for the crypto people. A lot more are getting attracted to this emerging wave of records, resulting in a steady addition to the crypto world.

New Records

As record speaks, February 27th unfolds the monthly volume of $1.05 trillion. Indeed a sudden steep rise of $14.9 billion, precisely 15.9% from January records. The massive exchange data receives two-third of it from Binance, whereas Coinbase and Kraken rank with 10.6% and 5.3% for the latter one.

As Michael Saylor predicted the bright fortune of cryptocurrency in the future, this incident adds to the value of what he proposed. Though, it is still in doubt for some people that it will flip gold and can subsume the entire gold market. Saylor added that Bitcoin would surpass $100 trillion, and this record-breaking exchange data of $1 trillion in February was perhaps the indication of the prediction to come true. However, it is yet to see if his steady hike sustains, often doubted by Bitcoin’s big supporters.

The exchange data of crypto coins collected by the Block research proves the monthly trading volume excessing 1 USD trillion in February. On February 27th, the figure stood at around 1.05 USD trillion, representing the rising of 143.9 USD billion or about 15.9% from January when earlier month high volume was being registered. Around two-thirds of the trillion USD volume comes from Binance, with around 5.3% from Kraken and around 10.6% from Coinbase.

Bitcoin – the world’s most popular cryptocurrency price reached the milestone on Friday after market value crossed more than 1 USD trillion, residing huge backers.

At press time, the world’s top digital currency is exchanging hands at $43,782 after decreasing by 6.64% in the previous 24-hours. The market suffered a lot as miners took the opportunity of selling a large amount of BTC.