Finantiko Review – Prominent Features of the Broker

Finantiko Review

Finantiko logoTrading in the financial markets is one of the most lucrative opportunities that you can find nowadays. Even with minimal investment, it is possible for people to generate substantial returns within a short span of time. There is no one stopping you from entering the markets, even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge about how they work. But, it should be noted that these features can have an impact on your success in the trading world. Due to technological progress, you can now start trading online with minimal fuss and hassle and in order to do so, you will need a broker.

Brokers have been part of the trading markets since their inception and they still have an important role to play. Like the markets, brokers have also shifted online to cater to the traders, so you will not have any trouble in finding online brokers. You can explore a variety of options when you begin your search, but not all brokers are the same and can offer the same level of services. Thus, you need to know their prominent features before you go ahead and sign up with them. One of the brokers you will come across is Finantiko, which specializes in CFD trading, and is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Founded by Tikmedia LLC, Finantiko is offering its website in English and Polish for catering to its clients. As it specializes in Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, you can trade an array of instruments on their platform. But, before you go ahead and finalize your choice, it is best to know its prominent features. Let’s check them here:

  • Finantiko offers a wide range of assets

The first feature of any broker that traders need to look into is their assets. What instruments can you trade through the broker? It is an important question to ask because it tells you exactly how much you will be able to diversify your trading portfolio and whether they offer the instruments you are interested in. When it comes to the assets, Finantiko has offered a great variety that begins with the traditional option of the stock market. They have put together some of the top options, such as Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Aurora and Facebook.

You can also trade in the biggest market in the world i.e. the forex currency market. Finantiko has put together major, minor and also exotic currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/CHF, NZD/USD and USD/TRY. Traders can also try their luck with some high performing indices, such as S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX 30, DOW Jones and NASDAQ. Similar to stocks, the commodities market is also a good option for generating consistent returns and here you will find commodities like gold, silver, aluminum, cotton, cocoa, and crude oil.

The latest addition to Finantiko’s asset options is that of cryptocurrencies, a volatile instrument that has achieved a lot of popularity. Crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple can be traded through the broker.

  • Finantiko offers multiple trading platforms

Software used for executing trades in the financial markets is referred to as trading platform, and every broker offers a different trading platform to their clients. Some develop their own version, while others provide one of the existing options in the market. Finantiko has opted for the latter and provides you access to the SIRIX trading platform, an innovative and sophisticated option for traders. However, the most important thing to know is that the broker offers you different versions of the SIRIX platform.

You can opt for the SIRIX Station, which is its desktop trading platform that offers a high level of customization. It is user-friendly and boasts new-age tools, such as one-click trading, economic calendar, trading indicators and price alerts. But, if you don’t want to download and install a trading platform, you can go for SIRIX Web, which is accessible through the browser. It gives you instant access to the markets and is also equipped with various tools for assistance. Last, but not the least, Finantiko also offers SIRIX mobile for both iOS and Android devices that have a simplified interface and allows people to trade instantly in the market.

  • Finantiko has different account options

Creating an account is part of the process of registering with a broker and different account types are usually given. Finantiko has also come up with different account options, with each of them boasting additional features and developed for a different level of trader. The options begin with the Bronze account for newcomers in the market, which offers 24/7 customer support, online financial course and one-on-one training, along with trade size of 0.01. Next account is called Gold, which is more for beginner and intermediate traders.

It opens e-book access and trading size is now 0.1. The third account is referred to as Platinum, which comes with analyst managers and webinars for skilled and advanced traders. Therefore, the trade size is also adjusted to 0.2. The last account is referred to as Diamond and it is for professional and expert traders, with 0.5 trading size. It comes with a free VPS service and access to every other feature offered by the broker. Moreover, you should also note that these account options differ in terms of spreads, which are the lowest for the last account.

  • Finantio simplifies the trading process

Another prominent feature of this broker is that it has simplified the trading process for its clients by a great extent. It has incorporated a horde of trading tools, which are designed to assist traders in making smart trades. You can find a range of order types, along with charting tools and different kinds of calculators. Moreover, Finantiko has also added a ton of educational resources on its platform, such as courses and e-books, to help people in understanding the trading markets and making the most of them.


Considering these features of Finantiko, it is easy to arrive to the conclusion that it is a capable CFD broker for every trader.