First-Ever WWE NFT To Feature Legendary Wrestler Undertaker

Well, it appears that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are popping up in every cultural nook and cranny, as American wrestling juggernaut WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has recently announced its first-ever NFTs to be launched soon.

These NFTs will be based on the legendary Undertaker, a character played by Mark Calaway. The Undertaker had defined the early childhoods of millions worldwide all throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. This makes him one of the few professional wrestlers to have a career spanning nearly three decades.

WWE to join cryptocurrency and digital art space

NFTs really has taken the world by storm lately, and it is easy to see why. After all, artists all over the world are finally gaining some much-deserved recognition for their work and are managing to earn quite a bit, too, via NFTs. It is for this very reason that World Wrestling Entertainment has also decided to join in on the craze and have its own NFTs be launched, and what better character and persona to base these first NFTs on than the ever-recognizable ‘phenom’ of the WWE.

Nick Khan, WWE’s Chief Revenue Officer & President, had stated that the company’s first NFT collection would represent new opportunities to own digital collections of fans’ favourite wrestlers and superstars. WWE’s official Twitter account had made the announcement just yesterday, and the tweet has since garnered over 100 likes in just a couple of hours.

The NFT is to be launched just before the company’s biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania, which is scheduled to take place this weekend. The show will feature returning legends such as Edge and new faces such as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and his opponent Drew McIntyre. The spectacle will even feature Grammy award-winning artist Bad Bunny in a celebrity match and even had the likes of William Shatner and Ozzy Osbourne appear in the Hall of Fame this week. Yes, WWE has evolved from being less of a traditional wrestling promotion and more into a global business conglomerate, with many considering the company to be the ‘Disney of the wrestling industry.

Multiple NFTs to drop in total

4 NFTs will be dropped in total via a tier-based drop list. Of course, the biggest win will be a ‘one of a kind’ NFT, which will feature The Undertaker himself, and investors who are willing to bid at $10,000 or more will be entitled to receive a ‘Platinum’ drop.

Furthermore, the individual who wins the aforementioned ‘one of a kind’ NFT will also be awarded VIP tickets to Wrestlemania this year along with paid hotel accommodation. Additionally, a personalized video message, WWE Championship Belt (with an engraving of the winner’s name), and lastly, an original urn which had been used by both The Undertaker and his late manager Paul Bearer during the early years of their careers will also be included.