– The Best Instant Crypto Exchange for Fast & Secure Crypto Transactions

Choosing the right crypto platforms is the key to achieving big in the crypto world. A crypto exchange is one of the most important mediums that crypto users use to facilitate digital transactions. The more secure and faster a crypto exchange is the better for you. is one of the most reputed crypto exchanges available out there. It is known for its instant and safe crypto transactions. It’s developed by HolyTransaction, the first multi-currency web wallet that has been operating since 2014. What sets it apart from the rest is that it is fast and requires no email, registration and account. The only thing that is needed is your crypto address.

The is the countless crypto exchanger and capable of instantly exchanging up to 30+ cryptocurrencies, which is something that gives it edge over many exchanges in the market. When it comes to safety and privacy, the exchange employs a very robust security system to protect its users from potential hacking attempts. Users have full control of their digital assets and information, and there’s no one tracking you.

The exchange is also very easy to use, and users won’t need to go through any intense process to execute their digital transactions. You can exchange a cryptocurrency for another in little to no time. For example, if you have BTC and want to exchange it with Ethereum (ETH), you will just need to go to, select ‘’I HAVE’’ BTC AND ‘’I GET’’ ETH, and enter the amount you want exchanged. will instantly find the best exchange rates and make sure you get fixed rate for a few minutes. This means you always know what you’re going to get, and there isn’t any surprise for you.

How Does it Work?

Crypto Exchanger is linked with many crypto trading platforms and fully capable of choosing the best exchange rate for multiple trading pairs in milliseconds with greatest precision and uncompromised privacy. You always get ‘’fixed exchange rate’’ whenever you hit ‘’FLYP NOW’’ button. You always know exactly what amount you’re going to receive, and there’re nasty no surprises for you.

Is it safe to use for crypto transactions?

As already mentioned above, is the accountless crypto exchanger that works super-fast to exchange your digital currency with greatest accuracy. Users aren’t required to provide any personal information. All the users’ data remain completely anonymous and users enjoy the highest level of privacy and anonymity. Unlike other crypto exchanger platforms, doesn’t employ any tracking script for promotional purposes, nor does it use any third party customer service software, web analytics, email marketing services and marketing automation platforms. The team behind is very committed to promoting decentralization and strongly believes in transparency and secrecy. You can visit their official website to learn more about their services.

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