For Mitigating Power Crisis, Parliamentary Committee of Kosovo Imposes Nationwide Ban on Crypto Mining

In an effort to reduce the power shortages this winter, the Government in Kosovo has come up with a plan which involves the suspension of crypto mining operations. The proposal of suspending mining operations in the country was suggested by the country’s high-powered Parliamentary Committee whose task is to meet the electricity demand and supply.

Kosovo is a sovereign state which forms part of Europe. For the past many years, the country is encountering an electricity crisis that becomes severe during the winter season. This year also, there is this electricity shortage in the country but this time a Parliamentary Committee has presented a solution.

The Parliamentary Committee on Emergency Measures for Energy Supply proposed that crypto mining operations must be suspended immediately. As per the decision of the Parliamentary Committee, the country’s Minister of Energy himself made the announcement of imposing a temporary ban on crypto mining operations. The Minister also acknowledged the fact that the decision was taken at the specific recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee.

The Government in Kosovo has however clarified that the ban would be temporary. Once the winter season is ended, mining operations can be resumed as they were before, said the Government. The Government further stated that every year the state is facing power shortages. However, the issue is such which cannot be resolved in either days or months. Instead, it will require 3 to 5 years at least to overcome the power crisis. Until then whatever measures are necessitated to control the crisis must be adopted by the Government, even if it involves banning mining.

The Minister of Energy said that law enforcement agencies have been instructed to ensure that the law is implemented in full force. The officials of the law enforcement agencies will be tasked to identify where mining operations are being carried out.

The Government further clarified that its utmost priority is to provide uninterrupted electricity to the consumers. Thereafter, the second priority is to provide electricity to the industry for making sure that production is not put at stake.

So far a 60-day emergency has been imposed in Kosovo. During this time, the Government will be collecting funds for outsourcing electricity for meeting its demand and supply.