Former Co-Head of European Government Affairs at Citigroup Has Joined Decentralized Project DIA

Ioana Surpateanu is the former co-head of Europe’s government affairs and has left Citigroup to join the DIA, which is a decentralized finance project that is based on crowd-verified financial data.

12th March was the last official day of Ioana Surpateanu at Citigroup. After four years, her long-lasting relationship with the bank came to an end as she joined the DIA with the title of chief strategy officer. A portion of her routine at the new workplace would be related to making sure that the DIA labs are running smoothly. The DIA labs are operating with the aim of financing and facilitating project developers on their network as part of a grant program.

Surpateanu would also be working closely with the executives at DIA to make sure that the company is positioned centrally in all of the regulatory discussions happening in Europe.

What Needs to Be Done

She said that some concepts had presented a need to be simplified, and some misconception needs to be addressed. The core element in bridging the gap between the institutional investors and the DeFi would be when the data layer is regulatory compliant and reliable, according to Surpateanu.

She highly envisions that the progressing and improving legislation on the crypto assets is going to be a very significant geopolitical tool, which could also be leveraged very easily by the European Union.

The DIA is known as the Decentralized Information Asset. It explains itself as an oracle and data platform which is wholly open-sourced for the DeFi framework. The governance token was sold by the Swiss non-profit, and it got them a massive amount of $15 million the last August.

The initial focus of Surpateanu, along with running the DIA Labs, would be the launch of a DeFi promotional and educational campaign in hand with the regulators and the policymakers. She is also planning to launch a platform that would empower the women who are trying to enter this emerging sector.

She stated that DeFi had presented a great opportunity for both the creators and the users to easily access all the financial instrument and products. All they need to make sure of is that it stays transparent and stays progressive.