From Seizing Crypto & Other Assets, Police Officials Are Now Robbing People

From seizing crypto, movable and immovable properties, assets as well as fiat cash, now the US Police is becoming social media target because some of its policemen robbed an ex-Marine carrying cash worth US$ 87,000 which he wanted to give to his daughter in North Carolina.

Corruption is a menace and is everywhere. Especially in the public service sector, there is too much corruption involved. It is something that eats the foundation of a society gradually and before anyone could identify, it is already late. Entire nations have been ruined because they did not react in stopping this menace to spread. Unfortunately, they are now amongst the worst economies of the world. Their resources have been stolen and they are left at the whims and fancy of others because within their countries is a dictatorship.

Corruption also very prominently exists in the police in the US as well. There have been many recorded incidents where officials of police were caught taking bribes. They were even seen aiding the drug dealers and criminals against monetary gains.

Currently, there is news surfacing across all the social media platforms which involves corruption with the US Police. The news report suggests that a few police officers stopped a vehicle on suspicion. The person, who was driving the vehicle, was happened to be US Marine, who had retired. When the ex-Marine pulled over the vehicle, the officers asked him to put his hands behind his head and clear the vehicle. The person did what he was asked for but enquired from the policemen when he was pulled over. One of the officials told that he was pulled over because the police think he was a drug dealer.

Though none of the drugs were found from the person’s vehicle, however, the police found a bag containing cash of US$ 87,000. Ex-Marine, Stephen Lara had kept the bag of cash in his trunk and he held a pile of ATM receipts. If the police would have seen the receipts, they would have come to know that the funds were taken out of the ATM by Lara. However, instead of inquiring from him about the source of the funds, the policemen, seized all of the money. Lara kept telling them that it was his personal money and he wanted to give it to her daughter who resides in North Carolina. However, the police did not hear any of his appeals and went away with the money.

Lara then lodged a complaint against the policemen and made sure that he had social media on his back. He told the public on social media that he was traveling from Texas to meet his daughter. His daughter needed money and therefore he was carrying a bag full of cash. However, it was none of the business of the policemen to seize his money without any criminal charge. He claimed and complained that he has been robbed by none other than but policemen.

This is just a one incident, however, there a number of instances where police have acted illegally against the general public. It is also a fact that the US police last year had seized more than US$ 68 Billion. However, there have been no criminal charges against any of the persons from whom US$ 68 Billion had been seized.