FYDcoin- The Ultimate P2P Cryptocoin for Crypto Users & Freelancers


Whether you want to earn passive income or are looking for ways to perform instant P2P transactions at low fees, FYDcoin has got you covered. FYDcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency aimed at becoming the most trusted currency of the gig economy. It allows you to perform digital transactions fast at super affordable fees, and users can keep track of their transactions for a complete peace of mind. As a freelancer, you can also make the most of FYDcoin to add a lot of convenience to your freelance life. In short, it benefits everyone involved.

Users can also earn some extra money by holding FYDcoin and operating a FYD masternode. If you are on the lookout for the best cryptocurrencies s to invest in, FYDcoin may be exactly what you’re looking for. Due to its unique concept, FYDcoin is gaining ground among freelancers and crypto traders all over the world.


Here’s what the team behind FYDcoin says about its crypto venture:

‘’Cryptocurrencies have countless applications and use cases. Instead of pretending to be a catch-all crypto, FYD coin is a community-driven digital currency aimed at becoming the de facto currency of the gig economy. It’s no secret that freelancers are driving the most signiåcant labor migration in history. As of 2018, up to 36% of the US workforce is composed of gig econo 36% of the US workforce is composed of gig economy laborers. Worldwide, that number is remarkably similar. However, freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork charge high fees, are completely centralized, and require a bank account to use. As such, a decentralized workforce needs a decentralized P2P currency upon which it can rely.’’

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