GameStop Seeks To Hire A Blockchain Analyst Proficient In NFTs And Crypto

The gaming giant GameStop has recently posted a job opportunity on the careers section of their website, looking for a cryptocurrency security analyst who has experience in cryptocurrency platforms and NFTs.

As for the full eligibility requirements, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in the respective field with an experience level of over three years in the occupation. The main goal of this position will be the ability to keep sensitive data secure and confidential while also maintaining the highest level of integrity and validation of that sensitive private data. Tasks include constant monitoring of the system, designing of automated, efficient AI-based data analysis protocols and immediate response to any data security-related issues.

According to the Job description, GameStop is clearly hinting towards the launch of their own crypto NFT, hoping to give its customers a chance to participate in the crypto field, not having to worry about security issues and data leaks. The company already has a tremendous amount of support from its community, which will help it have a successful and profitable launch. Although it is possible for systems to get hacked, hiring someone with the appropriate experience level will definitely keep the system intact from dangerous attackers.

New spaces to explore

After the recent boom in stock numbers from the Reddit incident, GameStop is looking to use this opportunity and reform their business model and come up with modern-day strategies that can help boost its position in the market.

If the company manages to introduce useful and unique solutions, then there is no doubt that it will make a huge name for itself in not only the traditional market but also the crypto space.

GameStop NFT

The rise in popularity of NFTs has definitely proved to trigger the minds of people who are looking to support their followers. NFTs have become a vital part of many popular celebrities and organizations as they provide a new way for users to participate in trade.

Many famous people like Elon Musk and Popular sports organizations like the NBA have NFTs set up for their customers to enjoy. These are just two mentioned from the thousands of NFT that are already present in the market. Just like all of them, having an NFT will give GameStop a lot of new opportunities to interact with its customers as the company already has a popular customer base to work with.