Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or an Honest Broker?


Genesis11 website screenshotThe financial market isn’t new to anyone as it has been around for quite some time. It is no doubt that it has provided opportunities for various people to succeed financially and make a living. It is to be said that the world of trading markets is not absent of its risks, however, the opportunities it provides are very alluring which makes more people decide to invest in the financial market.

In addition to this, the recent economic situation of the world has compelled people to venture into various ways to make some extra earnings and the financial market has come to be the perfect solution.

The evolution of the financial market has seen has made it possible that not only experienced traders or traders with huge capitals make considerable profits in the financial markets. Today, traders with little experience, and those with small capital investment have equal opportunity to make huge returns in the financial market.

Venturing into the financial market requires you to choose a brokerage or an exchange platform you will be working with. This is because brokerages are springboards into the financial markets and without them, trading becomes impossible. The broker you then choose will become your partner offering you support, various tools, features, and assets you need to succeed financially.

Where can you then find these brokers? A simple google search brings to your screen various trading platform from across the globe that you can choose from. However, not all these brokers are good for you as most are very unreliable and full of scams.

It’s no longer news that there are lots of shady exchange platforms and scams in the financial market; platforms that fail to deliver on their guarantees and some outrightly out there to take advantage of inexperienced or unsuspecting traders. And as such, it is always of great benefits to be extra careful when choosing an exchange platform as choosing the wrong one can see you lose all your investments.

You can go about choosing a broker in two ways; the safest one being registering with old, tenured, and experienced brokers who have built trust among investors in the financial market, or you can register with modern brokers that fully understands the needs and requirements of modern investors while offering advanced trading tools to assist these investors on their trading journey.

Genesis11 logoOne of the legitimate, reliable, and modern trading platforms out there in Genesis11. This is a review of Genesis11. We’ll be making an honest assessment of the activities, features, benefits, and services offered by Genesis11 that makes it one of the best out there. Hence, after reading this review, you can then make an informed decision about whether or not to commit to this trading platform. Review



Parent company Genesis11 GmbH
Trading option Energy, Stock, Indexes, Cryptocurrency, ETFs

Forex, and Metals

Office Location Dominica, Wenlock (London), and Cyprus
Minimum deposit $500
Location Munchen, Germany
Referral Bonus Up to $2000
Trading Platform Web-Based
Trading Academy Videos, Courses, Tutorials, and Ebooks.
Customer support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, Live Chat, FAQ section, Email, and Telephone.
Account Options Mini Account, Classic Account, and Premium Account
Payment Method  Wire transfer, Bank Draft, and Credit or Debit card
Personal Consultant Yes


Genesis11 was established in 2009, starting only as a manager for Venture capital funds. It eventually went public in 2012 and since then, it has solidified itself as a top trading platform, having a huge influence in the trading world. Its mission to become the best trading platform in the financial market has seen it to be flexible, creative, and client-oriented.

Genesis11 has its headquarters located in Germany while having other branches in several locations like

Wenlock (London), Dominica, and Cyprus. These branches were established in these strategic locations to further enable traders and investors to have easy access to the services they offer. Ultimately serving more customers from numerous countries around the world.

The user-friendly experience, customer support, security measures put in place, and trading options offered by Genesis11 keeps captivating the interest of many investors and traders. Let’s have a deeper look into these features and services to see what’s keeping traders and investors hooked.

Educational materials on Trading

Becoming a successful trader in the financial market is dependent on the quality and amount of information you have at hand.

Genesis11 understands this basic trading reality and as such, makes accessible on its website, quality information explaining basic trading techniques and analysis. What makes Genesis11 unique is that the information provided is available to all traders without having to register with the trading platform.

The primary target for this basic information are newbies and amateur investors looking to understand the dynamics of the financial market. The basic information offered gives a deep explanation of both technical and fundamental analysis such that traders won’t need to look over for more trading materials to begin trading.

The information provided also clarifies different trading techniques, how to manage risks, and how to utilize the hedging strategy during the execution of trades.

To add to this, advanced materials are made available to traders immediately after traders register with Genesis11. Videos, trading courses, tutorials, and ebooks are all accessible to traders to further assist them to execute trades successfully.

Security Procedure

As mentioned earlier, the financial market is not without its risks, therefore, traders and investors are constantly reminded about the high risk and volatility of the financial market. And as such investors and traders need to be very careful and choose a broker that can effectively provide proper security measures to protect their sensitive personal information and investments.

The advancement of both the financial markets and brokerage firms into the online world didn’t come with its woes; investments are now prone to cyber attacks from hackers which further shows the need for more safety standards to be put in place by brokers to stand against these threats. Establishing these safety measures is precisely what Genesis11 has accomplished.

Genesis11 has come up with several security standards to safeguard clients’ sensitive personal information and investments against frauds. Genesis11 is in compliance with the anti-money laundry (AML) policy to protect its clients against money laundering. The objective of the policy is to prevent all kinds of activities of money laundering by offering valid and apt information on suspected issues of money laundering to concerned authorities.

Besides AML, Genesis11 also complies with the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy which demands that all exchange platforms must confirm the identity of their customers to be certain that customers are actual individuals, above the age of 18 years and the credit or debit card utilized for payments belongs to such person.

Trading options

Risk management is a crucial aspect all traders must learn; protecting your investment is as important as earning profits. One of the key strategies in risk management is diversification of investments. Hence, traders are always on the lookout for platforms offering numerous trading options to their clients.

Diversification of investments entails dividing and spreading out investment capitals over various trading assets to minimize trading risks. So traders are always in love with trading platforms that can afford huge diversification.

Genesis11 offers a broad range of investment options to its clients, affording them the luxury to diversify as much as they can. Genesis11 provides trading assets like Precious metals, Indices, ETFs, Energy, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency.

A sum of 2000 different trading assets and 500 cryptocurrencies are listed on the Genesis11 exchange platform. Therefore, traders and investors have endless opportunities to invest and diversify making huge profits while managing risk optimally in the process.

Genesis11 cryptocurrency

Let’s look into some of the trading assets offered by Genesis11:


Investors and traders can trade the major cryptocurrencies and numerous altcoins with Genesis11. Some of the prominent cryptocurrencies listed on the Genesis11 exchange platform are Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Digital cash (DASH),


Genesis11 makes available to traders and investors leading indices in the index market. Common indices listed on the trading platform include FTSE, S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones.


Traders can exchange stocks of big corporations like Amazon, Google, Apple, Intel, Netflix, and lots more.

Trading Platform

Trading platforms are software incorporated with several trading tools, developed to examine current market trends, execute trade orders, and manage the financial markets in general. To simply put, it is the software that enables all executions of trades. Therefore, traders cannot minimize the significance of trading platforms.

How you find your trading experience to be, whether excellent or terrible, is dependent on how decent the trading platform you chose is. A decent trading platform will always provide an incredible and smooth trading experience, offering a simple, flexible, user-friendly interface to meet the trading needs of all kinds of investors. This is precisely what Genesis11 has accomplished.

Genesis11 has created a web-based platform that addresses the trading needs of all kinds of investors in the financial market. The trading platform is incorporated with modern advanced tools and specialized charts to help invests execute trades successfully. The trading platform is very prompt, user-friendly, straightforward, easy to guide, and credible.

To access the web-based trading platform, traders can make use of popular web browsers like Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, and Google Chrome connected to reliable internet. In addition, the trading platform runs smoothly on Mac OS, Linus, and Windows operating systems.

Genesis11 trading platform

Account Options

Genesis11 recognizes that traders differ from one another in terms of initial capital, experience level, and appetite to take risks. Therefore, the trading platform has developed three various trading accounts to address these variations among traders and investors.

The trading account provided is ranked according to risk appetite, initial capital investments, and level of expertise. The three trading accounts offered are;

Mini Account

This is the first trading account offered by Genesis11. It is modeled to serve novice and newbie investors looking to break into the financial market with little or no knowledge of it. The mini trading account offers simple trading tools to amateur investors for an easy understanding of the market dynamics. It also offers access to market research, the latest news, and an online support chart. Registering for this account requires at least a  deposit fee of $500 which can be increased to reach $4,999 at maximum.

Classic Account

This is the second trading account offered by Genesis11. It is modeled to serve intermediate or skilled investors who have a clear understanding of how the financial market works. The classic trading account offers more advanced trading tools compared to the mini trading account. It also offers free ebooks, online phone support, trading education programs, access to market research, latest news, online support chart, and real-time trading signals. Registering for this account requires at least a  deposit fee of $5000 which can be increased to reach $19,999 at maximum.

Premium Account

This is the third trading account offered by Genesis11. It is modeled to serve expert and professional traders and investors who have years of under their sleeves and more appetite to take risks. The premium trading account offers advanced and sophisticated trading tools to expert investors looking to earn big. It also offers free ebooks, online phone support, trading education programs, access to market research, latest news, online support chart, real-time trading signals, trade mentor, and an account executive. Registering for this account requires at least a  deposit fee of $20,000.

Recovery Program

Genesis11 coordinates comprehensive research on each investor’s existing financial portfolio. This research is known as the recovery program and it is sought to find out issues, strengths, weaknesses, and obvious potential the financial portfolio entails. And thus utilize the information collated to put together substantial changes.

The recovery program is carried out by documenting investors’ financial expectations, both past and present relationships then create a procedure to help investors manage their finances.

Bonus on Accounts

Asides from trading, traders can also earn more on the Genesis11 trading platform by participating in earning referral bonuses. Genesis11 offers referral bonuses to a maximum of $2000 to customers who can invite their friends and family to become part of the trading firm.

Each referral by a client attracts a referral bonus of $200 given that the referred deposits above $200 in their account. Each client can refer not more than 10 people which sums up to $2000 in total on referral bonuses.

To add to this, the referred gets a welcome bonus of $200 on their first deposits summing up to $2000 in total.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Traders must deposit an initial investment before any form of trading can begin. Devoid of this deposit, no real money can be earned in the financial market. Furthermore, given that every investor’s expectation of investing in the financial market is to make a profit, traders also look forward to making withdrawals.

Due to these reasons, trading platforms must make sure that the process of making both deposits and withdrawals is smooth and simple enough while also providing several payment and withdrawal methods to suit clients’ preferences.

In recognition of these preferences, Genesis11 provides three various payment methods for its customers to make deposits and withdrawals. These are;

Credit or Debit Card

This payment method is the quickest means of depositing funds with the trading platform. Making deposits into your trading account using a debit or credit card is quite straightforward and simple. All that is required of you is to choose the payment method and fill in the essential information. Credit or debit cards to be used for payments must be International.

The least amount one can deposit with Genesis11 is $500 and the same applies to withdrawals.

Bank Draft

Customers can also utilize bank drafts to make deposits. Although it takes roughly 5 business days before the payment gets authorized.

Wire Transfer

Traders are required to fill and submit some documents before wire transfer can be used to deposit funds into trading accounts. Furthermore, the least amount of $10,000 is expected to be deposited when a wire transfer is used.

It takes roughly 5 business days to authorize deposits made via wire transfer. A notification will also be sent via email immediately after the payment has been approved.

Concerning the KYC policy Genesis11 complies with, it compels all its customers to go through some process of verification before they can be permitted to withdraw or deposit fiat currencies.

Customer Support

As an investor looking to choose a trading platform, the customer services being offered is a feature you must not underestimate. Unforeseen circumstances do arise; technical issues, server unavailability, problems during trade executions, and so on. In moments like this, you will need all the help you can get from your trading platform.

Genesis11 being a client-based platform has established well-grounded customer support. It has a team of experts well trained in various financial investments and portfolio management. These experts are accessible to answer different needs and complaints customers may have.

Clients can also reach out to their representatives through emails and phone calls 5 days a week, 24 hours a day to make requests or complaints.

Final Thoughts

Genesis11 has improved trading to a greater level. The features, services, and trading experience it provides its customers across the globe is a thing to relish. The trading platform has flexible account types, great bonuses, and numerous trading options.  With the services Genesis11 is offering, it is valid to say that it is one of the best trading platforms one can find in the financial market today.